Steppenwolf Distribution

With our distribution label STEPPENWOLF we aim to give access to films we consider of artistic value. Films that had great festivals runs around the world, films with a special signature, films that dare to go their own way and explore new territories. We release these films in a small team and customized strategies.

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Click here for our VoD programme on WOLF IN SPACE.

Pay per view or stream unlimited with our WOLF membership. For 30€/year the membership also includes reduced admission to the cinema.

In addition, we are part of INDIEKINO CLUB, an association of ten Berlin art house cinemas. On the joint site INDIEKINOCLUB - also at Cinemaloves - club members can stream selected arthouse and indie films online at their convenience. In addition, they receive discounted admission to all participating cinemas with their ClubCard. Club membership costs €60 per year.