Wolf Gang

You can support us with a Wolf membership and become part of Wolf gang. For 30 euros you will receive a membership card that entitles you to massively reduced admission to the cinema (7.50€ instead of 11€). If you visit the cinema regularly, it's worth it for you too! The membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase and does not renew automatically.

Indiekino Club

In addition to the Wolf membership, we also offer membership in the Indiekino Club, a project of ten Berlin art house cinemas and the Indiekino Berlin magazine. On the joint online platform there is a monthly changing, finely curated programme consisting of new films and repertoire, a selection for children as well as themed blocks and specials that members can stream at their convenience. In addition, members receive reduced admission to all participating Berlin cinemas with their Club Card: b-ware!ladenkino, Brotfabrik Kino, Bundesplatz-Kino, City Kino Wedding, Filmrauschpalast, fsk-Kino, Il Kino, Klick Kino, Sputnik Kino and Wolf. Membership costs 5€/month (60€ annual fee) and can be purchased online or at the cinema box offices.

Film Club Berlin

Every Tuesday from 20:30 in the WOLF Studio.

Who has seen what? The Filmclub Berlin has existed since around 2008 and has recently found its home at the WOLF Studio. It consists of an open group of film fans and the concept is simple: watch a film together and talk about it afterwards. There is no management, no board, no hierarchies. The programme is organised independently - whoever comes decides for the next time. Sometimes ideas emerge from the last discussion, sometimes the work of individual filmmakers is explored in depth over several weeks. Just drop by and join in, or get in touch at

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