Direction: Tiago Hespanha

Camera: Tiago Hespanha, Rui Xavier, Luísa Homem, Cláudia Varejão, Paulo Menezes
Sound: Eva Boliño, Adriana Bolito, Giorgio Gristina, Tiago Melo Bento
Editors: Francisco Moreira, Tiago Hespanha
Sound Design: Alejandro Castillo, Eva Valino
Color Correction: Paulo Américo
Production Manager: Joana Bravo, João Gusmão
Producers: João Matos, Leonor Noivo, Luísa Homem, Susana Nobre, Tiago Hespanha
Production: Terratreme Filmes

2019, 100 min.
DCP, Colour
Portuguese with english subtitles

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The word 'campo' (field) comes from the Latin capere (to capture). “Campo de Marte” (The Field of Mars) was in the ancient times Rome’s training arena for war. At the outskirts of Lisbon, “Campo” hosts today Europe’s largest military base. In this place military troops train fictional missions, astronomy aficionados observe the stars and a boy plays the piano for the wild deers lurking in the dark. In here, I saw life manifesting itself with its contradictory and mysterious dimensions. CAMPO reflects on the nature of the mundane and the transcendental, as they reveal themselves inextricably intertwined.

„Tiago Hespanha directs a documentary which is fascinating, subtle and quirky“
- Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa

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