Direction: José Filipe Costa

Screenplay: José Filipe Costa
World Premiere: Locarno Film Festival 2019
DoP: Hugo Azevedo
Sound: Rúben Costa
Editing: João Braz
Art Direction: Carla Brazão
Producers: Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra
Production and Distribution: Uma Pedra No Sapato
With: Cecília Rodrigues, Eduarda Rosa, João Azevedo, José Avelino, Mick Greer, Amanda Booth, António Rodrigues, Celia Williams, Filomena Matos, Joaquim Lopes

2019, 105 min.
Colour, HD, DCP
Portuguese with German subtitles

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A Pleasure, Comrades


OT: Prazer, Camaradas!

1975, rural Portugal. In the wake of the Carnation Revolution, the country and its people are re-organising themselves in a collective effort that sparks the interest of foreigners and expats who share the ideals of the revolution. They volunteer at the recently formed co-ops, offering literacy, health and sex education. Drawing from the testimonies of those who lived it, A Pleasure, Comrades! travels in time to give centre stage to an older generation that bravely and joyfully re-enacts the social and sexual interactions and discussions of a time when women were still embarrassed to be naked in front of their husbands. Eight years after his previous feature Red Line, José Filipe Costa surprises with a comical and charming delight of storytelling inventiveness. Long live the proletariat, long live the sexual revolution!