XPOSED Queer Film Festival


Since 2006, the XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin has stood for the conviction that queer stories mean more than coming out and girl-meets-girl. For XPOSED, queerness is not just a positioning of directors and their protagonists, but an approach. What vulnerabilities go hand in hand with visibility? How is it told, by whom, what? These questions run like a thread through the 16th edition. In the Wolf, the festival this year presents the films LA NUIT DES ROIS by Philippe Lacôte (Night of the Kings, France/Ivory Coast/Senegal 2020, 93', OmEU), MIGUEL'S WAR by Eliane Raheb (Miguel's War, Lebanon 2021, 128', OmEU) and 24 by Royston Tan (Singapore/Thailand 2021, 76', OmEU).

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