Direction: Eliane Raheb

Lebanon 2021
128', OmEU


XPOSED: Miguel's War


OT: Aanaf Hob

MIGUEL'S WAR portrays the story of a sensitive gay man who grew up oppressed and shamed during his teenage years. Raised in the middle of the civil war by a conservative Catholic Lebanese father and an authoritarian Syrian mother, inhabited by a deep inferiority complex and incapable of asserting himself, he goes to the war in 1983 to finally prove that he "exists" and can act like “a real man”. Eventually, Miguel emigrates to Spain, leaving behind his past, searching for new futures and an immersion in other masculinities; in queerness. In post-Franco Spain, Miguel liberates himself through excessive debauchery. Multiple destructive relationships lead him to attempt suicide. He tries to pull himself together and becomes a conference interpreter in Barcelona. It is only now, more than thirty-seven years after leaving Lebanon, that Miguel feels ready to face his trauma and the ghosts of his past while hoping to regain a certain emotional balance and maybe find love. Shot between Lebanon and Spain, using intertwining cinematic forms that include documentary, animation, theater and archive, this hybrid feature film offers an intense experience of self-confrontation and catharsis.

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