18:00 - 22:00

Directed by Diana El Jeiroudi

Germany / France / Syria / Quatar 2021
183', Arabic, English, German, Kurdish with english subtitles

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Republic of Silence followed by Q&A


On Thursday August 18, Diana El Jeiroudi will be our guest to talk about her documentary film essay Republic of Silence, a moving cinematic memoir and at the same time a multi-layered reflection of the political and social developments in Syria over the past decades.

Silence reigns in the Berlin flat, but the film, whose complex montage encompasses the disintegration of Syria and life in exile, leaves no doubt that things are different in director Diana El Jeiroudi’s mind. Archival footage, loose portraits of confidants and an intimate perspective that explores her own position and her way of coping with trauma add up to a multi-layered document.

“Evil has a very loud and terrifying sound,” El Jeiroudi already noted as a child. Growing up in a country marked by surveillance and military parades has left its mark. In Republic of Silence, she looks for a way to come to terms with it, condensing old material, some of which shot in Syria, with a written monologue and stories of persons who also chose exile in the course of the civil war. The result is a complex filmic space that reveals the political and social disintegration of a nation. El Jeiroudi increasingly concentrates on showing a present outside Syria, life in emigration. Passing her husband's  nocturnal teeth grinding, birthday parties and disruptions in the international film festival scene, a life between tension and new beginnings becomes apparent. (Carolin Weidner, Dok Leipzig)

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