20:30 - 22:00


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Orlando film discussion


We are very happy to host an open discussion with and author Michaela Dudley (she/her, "Woman without menstrual background"), trans activist* and actor* Jules* Elting (they/them) and the audience after the screening on Saturday 23.9!

The debate will take place in our studio - language is English - and is also open to anyone who has seen the film on another day. Admission: 5 euros (tickets for the 6:30 pm screening of the film on Saturday must be booked separately).

In 'Orlando', Virginia Woolf tells the story of a young man who evolves into a woman. Almost 100 years after the publication of the novel, which is considered a key queer text today, philosopher and trans* activist Paul B. Preciado writes a cinematic letter to Woolf and calls out to her: "Your character has come true, the world is full of Orlandos today!
For his resistant, intimate, poetic, thoroughly queer film, Preciado was celebrated at this year's Berlinale and awarded the Special Prize of the Encounters Jury (ex aequo), the Teddy for Best Documentary and the Prize of the Tagesspiegel Readers' Jury.