Art in Cinema: Polish Experimental Film


The three-day film and video programme entitled: Art in Cinema: The irrepressible need for new visions. Polish Experimental Film covers a wide range from the 1930s to the 1990s. Over this period, a strikingly large number of experiments with the media of film and video emerged in Poland in the context of art, all of which had in common a hunger for different narratives, unusual forms and critical perspectives. This tendency forms the focus of this year's programme of "Art in the Cinema". Works by Anna Baumgart, Izabella Gustowska, Barbara Konopka, Tadeusz Kowalski, Jalu Kurek, Anna Kutera, Romuald Kutera, Jolanta Marcolla, Irena Nawrot, Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, Ewa Zarzycka, Jerzy Zarzycki will be shown.

Curated by Lawinia Rate as part of FilmPOLSKA (22.6-29.6.2022).


23.06. 19:30
Artistic Film. Cinephilia in the Thirties
guest: Małgorzata Sady

At the beginning of the 1930s, the association “Start - Association of Lovers of Artistic Film” was founded in Warsaw. “Start”, which resolutely opposed commercial film productions, placed its hopes in ambitious, artistically influenced film works. Programmes of artistic films were created and shown in cinemas all over Poland.

Dzisiaj mamy bal / Tonight We Are Having a Ball
D: Tadeusz Kowalski, Jerzy Zarzycki, PL 1932, 7 mins, Polish with German subtitles

OR – Obliczenia rytmiczne / Rhythmic Calculations
D: Jalu Kurek, PL 1933, 4 mins, Polish with German subtitles

Przygoda człowieka poczciwego / Adventures Of A Good Citizen
D: Franciszka & Stefan Themerson, PL 1937, 8 mins, Polish with English subtitles
[© Franciszka & Stefan Themerson & LUX]

The Eye and the Ear
D: Franciszka & Stefan Themerson, UK 1944, 10 mins, English
[© Franciszka & Stefan Themerson & LUX]


28.06. 19:30
Film, Context, and Concept. The Seventies and Eighties

In the seventies and eighties, film was discovered as an artistic tool in Poland. Celluloid, for instance, was highly interesting for the conceptual art scene. Especially Wrocław, with its specific approach to contextual art, stood out on the Polish art map. There, the medium film was used extensively. Of course, the fascination for film reached also art scenes in other cities.

Caprice 2
D: Jolanta Marcolla, PL 1975, 5 mins, without dialogues

Czapka / Cap
D: Jolanta Marcolla, PL 1975, 5 mins, without dialogues

Reakcja wymuszona / Forced Response
D: Jolanta Marcolla, PL 1976, 4 mins, without dialogues

Dialog / Dialogue
D: Anna Kutera, PL 1973, 5 mins, Polish with German subtitles

A Mirror
D: Romuald Kutera, PL 1974, 2 mins, silent (Screening in 16 mm)

Tu / Here
D: Romuald Kutera, PL 1975, 7 mins, silent (Screening in 16 mm)

Przejawy / Indications
D: Ewa Zarzycka, PL 1980, 10 mins, Polish with German subtitles

Żółty film / Yellow Film
D: Irena Nawrot, PL 1985, 4 mins, without dialogues

Pusty kieliszek / Empty Glass
D: Irena Nawrot, PL 1987, 4 mins, without dialogues

29.06. 19:00
New (Video) Visions. The Eighties and Nineties
guest: Barbara Konopka, with a music performance

The spread of video technology transformed the art world. This applies not only to aesthetic aspects. Technically it opened up completely new possibilities. Whereas film montage required an editing table, videos could be edited on the computer. Video changed the perception of the moving image as well as the relationship between technical devices and the corporeality of the artist.

Względne cechy podobieństwa / Relative Similarities
D: Izabella Gustowska, PL 1979, 5 mins, without dialogues

D: Izabella Gustowska, PL 1987, 15 mins, Polish with German subtitles

Epitafia / Epitaphs
D: Anna Baumgart, PL 1997-98, 4 mins, without dialogues

Matka / Mother
D: Anna Baumgart, PL 1998, 10 mins, Polish with English subtitles

Interferencje / Interferences
D: Barbara Konopka, PL 1985, 4 mins, without dialogues

Drobne lęki, jakieś dzwięki / Small Fears, Some Sounds
D: Barbara Konopka, PL 1994, 4 mins, without dialogues

Binary Notes
D: Barbara Konopka, PL 1998, 4 mins, without dialogues

Funded by Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej (Polish Film Institute / PISF)

Credits Image: Dzisiaj mamy bal / Tonight We Are Having a Ball, R: T. Kowalski, J. Zarzycki, 1932. © Filmoteka Narodowa – Instytut Audiowizualny




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