Directed by Sandra Prechtel

Germany 2022, 81' German with english subtitles

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Liebe Angst + Q&A


We are delighted to welcome director Sandra Prechtel and protagonist Kim Seligman for a talk following the screening of her moving documentary.

A family tragedy spanning three generations that one cannot escape; a documentary that one wants to build a monument to: Kim has her music, Kim has her dogs, Kim has her faith. Kim fights, every day. Against fear, for a piece of normality, for the ground under her feet. Kim is Lore's daughter. Lore was six years old when her mother was deported to Auschwitz. Lore is a "DP" - a displaced person, to this day. Lore has her index cards. From morning to night she copies articles from the Weser-Kurier, archives them in boxes, baskets and cartons. All her life, Lore has not spoken: not about her mother, not about the hiding place where she survived, not about Tom, her son, Kim's brother, who took his own life. But Kim wants to talk: about her childhood with Lore, about Tom, about the damaged lives of both. There is a lot of anger, a lot of strength, and a love between mother and daughter that was always there but could not be lived.




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