19:00 - 21:00


Iran Calling: Films by Nader Farahwaschy


We are delighted to present an evening of short films by Nader Farahwaschy on 24 September, all of which were shot in Iran. Followed by a Q&A with the director.

Iran / Germany 2021, 14', OmEU
A film about two estranged brothers, both facing substantial troubles in their respective lives: the pickup driver Sina being in the middle of a divorce, his younger brother about to ruin the family buisiness. As Sina is about to embark on a trip through the deserted landscape of eastern Iran to drop off a cargo, his borther Behrouz unexpectedly joins him, making him believe their mother is in hospital. But can the fate of the refugee, who suddenly emerges from the box and longs to cross the Iranian-Afghan border, be irrelevant or unconnected to them?

Being Lost-Trilogy Part III: View from the Balcony
Iran / Germany 2017, 19', OmEU
Ghasem is a former Ju Jutsu champion and trainer of the Iranian national team. Living in the city of Bandare Anzali at the Caspian Sea, he is now dedicating his time to the training of children and adults. Seeing a seemingly content man living a quite life, we simultaneously hear him talking about the recent seperation from his wife. We are confronted with the dilemma of a man trying to be at peace with himself while in emotional chaos.

Being Lost-Trilogy Part II: Phase Eight
Iran / Germany 2016, 15', OmEU
In search for the graveyard of his grandfather, situated north of Tehran, Amins journey consits of a labyrinth of roads, adresses, questions, dubious answers and people, guiding his way to the place he had been as a child.

Being Lost-Trilogy Part I: The River
Iran / Germany 2016, 19', OmEU
In the middle of a film project Amin's camera gets lost in a bank, or did someone steal it?

Dying Twice
Iran / Germany 2012, 18', OmEU'
After 31 years, and accompanied by his friend Kianoush, Navid travels to Iran. Uncertain and fearful of what to expect, he returns to the place of his childhood.

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