18:30 - 21:30

Director: Julian Radlmaier
With: Alexandre Koberidze, Lilith Stangenberg, Alexander Herbst, Corinna Harfouch, Andreas Döhler
Germany 2021, 125', German with english subtitles

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Blutsauger + Filmgespräch


Julian Radlmaier's third film had its world premiere in the Encounters Competition of the Berlinale 2021 and has since been screened and awarded at numerous international festivals. Among others, the film received the German Film Award for Best Screenplay.

On Saturday 21 May, the screening will be followed by a talk with the director.

A Marxist vampire comedy.

August 1928. Soviet factory worker Lyovushka is cast as Trotsky's actor in director Sergei Eisenstein's film "October." But his dreams of being an artist are shattered when the real Trotsky falls out of favor with Stalin and he is cut from the film. So the romantic dreamer flees his communist homeland and wants to try his luck in Hollywood. However, he is still stuck in a fashionable German Baltic resort, where he disguised as a persecuted aristocrat tries to steal the money for the passage to New York. During one of his forays, he meets Octavia Flambow-Jansen, a young factory owner who spends the summer months at the seaside with her doltish servant Jakob. The eccentric millionairess takes an interest in the mysterious fugitive and offers him shelter in her luxurious mansion. His cover is quickly blown, and he has fallen in love with his dazzling hostess even more quickly - much to the chagrin of the literarily ambitious Jakob, who also has a crush on the boss. A summer romance is brewing - but it's too bad that vampires are on the loose in the area. And even more stupid, that Octavia herself is a bloodsucker.

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