Regie: Ben Knight
Deutschland 2023, 90 Min, Englisch

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We're All Going to Die - A mostly funny Documentary by Ben Knight + Q&A


We are thrilled to present a screening of Ben Knight's We are all going to die - A mostly funny documentary followed by a talk with the director, Malte Klar (Psychologists for Future) and Izzy Choksey (Climate Think Tank E3G).

Ben, afflicted by the all-encompassing crises he is condemned to write about for a living, travels from Berlin to Kansas to Norway and finally the centre of all loss, the Chicxulub crater in Mexico, to learn from those preparing for social and ecological collapse. Call them preppers, climate doomers, or bunker-dwellers, the collapse community turns out to be bigger than anyone thinks.

"I loved everything about this film. The melancholy, the humour, the quiet desperation, the silliness of our species - and how Ben Knight manages to condense many people's perplexity in our absurd times into something positive and entertaining." - Sibylle Berg, author