Wolf Edition #3 Colour in Film

Iryna Perepeliatnyk

Wolf’s summer edition will be dedicated to colour in film. We’ll be working on a film in our post production space and adapt its colour with special effects, improve it, adapt it, transform it artistically. We will show films that have used a special, artistic way of working with colour and we will offer a workshop that’s dealing with the subject in order to give a better insight into the art of colour grading. 

Simultaneously we will deal with colour in the still, unmoving image, too, in order to look at the painterly perspective of colour-making processes and make links between them. Ukrainian artist Iryna Perepeliatnyk uses oil paint in order to add a unique depth and liveliness. With tender attention to detail, she paints colours that express what cannot be said in words. Her abstract and figurative paintings talk about a moving story, an inward and outward journey through Ukraine and its present day culture. 

From 22 April till 29 July selected works by Iryna Perepeliatnyk will be showcased in Wolf’s Studio space.

Maia Santos