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Wilden: Rei Hayama & Takashi Makino

  • Wolf Kino 59 Weserstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12045 Germany (map)
The Pearl of Tailorbird(still#1).jpg

The Pearl of Tailorbirds
Regie: Rei Hayama, Japan/Hongkong 2019, 28 min
As a foreigner in Hong Kong without proficiency in Cantonese, I listen attentively to the sounds that flow gently out of people’s mouths, holding something akin to an admirationfor these sounds. However, before considering myself a foreigner, as a human being,there are languages that I will never be able to speak, one of them being the "language of birds." Still, living in this place that stretches out to the ocean like a perch, as I listened to the various songs of birds, I became fascinated of their language that flies over thethreshold of human imagination.

I know that it is impossible.
Then let my feelings be as they are.

With the language I am familiar with, I listened to the birds’ songs of that land, deciding to sing them myself as I heard it. Lead by the songs of these birds, I have gone into unfamiliar paths, swayed by waves—and during that time,


Memento Stella
Regie: Takashi Makino, Japan/Hongkong 2018 60min
Makino Takashi takes us to a place where different rules apply. He overwhelms us with his universe, which is built up of countless images, figurative and non-figurative, accompanied by an equally sophisticated soundtrack. At times very abstract and distant, at others almost palpable and narrative. We naturally seek recognition in the infinite layering of the images, and in so doing compose our own story, based on what we ourselves know of the world, using our personal references to help us. In this way, a work arises unique to every viewer, which continues to reverberate long after we leave the cinema. Makino Takashi is an IFFR regular, who won a Tiger Award for Short Films with Generator in 2012. Rotterdam IFF

Takashi Makino is a Tokyo-based experimental filmmaker widely considered to be one of the most influential Japanese moving-image artists of his generation. After graduating from the the cinema department at Nihon University College of Art, he spent time honing his skills in the London-based studio of the Quay Brothers before moving back to Japan. His unique working process usually involves capturing representational footage of humans, nature, and urban life in various formats and then transforming these images radically during the editing stage. Through a process of layering, superimposition and other formal manipulations, these concrete images blend together into pulsating visual fields of organic abstraction in his finished works.
Makino regularly presents installations, screenings, and audio-visual performances of his work internationally, having appeared in over 120 cities to date.

Rei Hayama is a Japanese artist who works mainly with moving image, and one of the founding members of the Tokyo film collective, [+]. Aftermany thoughtful experiences amongst wildlife in the unique environment of her youth, she studied at the Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts, Tama Art University and has been making films since 2008. Hayama’s films revolve around nature and all other living things that have been lost or neglected from an anthropocentric point of view. Through abstract film and video works with sound, poetic writings and symbolic imageries, Hayama gently seeks the harmonious connection between nature and human beings, bringing forward the invisible layers of our natural reality into the human imagination. Her works have exhibited and screened internationally, at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, Bergen Kunsthall, Tromsø International Film Festival, and Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, amongst others.