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Wilden: Jessica Sarah Rinland

  • Wolf Kino 59 Weserstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12045 Germany (map)
Black Pond Jessica Sarah Rinland Wilden Wolf Kino

Wilden Freitag, 24.8. & 25.8. um 19:00 Uhr

Coming right from Locarno Festival, where her latest film THOSE, THAT, AT A DISTANCE, RESEMLE ANOTHER premiered, artist filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland is going to present her film Black Pond, followed by a staging of materials related to the project.

Director: Jessica Sarah Rinland, England 2018, 43 min, English

BLACK POND takes place in the diverse ecosystem of a Common in the South of England. The film explores the colonization of land, repetition of organism data collection, letters enquiring about hurricanes and complaining of squirrel shootings, agrarian and military histories, waiting for a moth to be found, pausing for a leaf, hands studying the migrant bat, depressions caused by aircraft, cassette-tape cases trapping and releasing a butterfly, a young boy skating on a frozen pond.

Following the film, Rinland will detail content from a forthcoming publication related to it. She will stage moments from the Society’s yearly town hall meetings, discuss historical maps and laws, letters of complaint and footage she shot in the same location years before her encounter with them.

British-Argentinian filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland’s films combine physicality with bookishness; they are both sensual and cleverly thought-out. Shot on 16mm their very material is a coalescence of nature and science. Combining elements of documentary, fictional narrative, artist installation and essay film, Rinland’s cinematic vocabulary is varied. Gardens and museums appear in Rinland’s work as heterotopic spaces where species or cultures meet. Entanglements of people, animals, history, scientific knowledge and myth transform spaces into places. The ‘common treasury’ present throughout Rinland’s work is like Bruno Latour’s ‘parliament of things:’ a chorus of animal, vegetable and mineral constituents.

Wilden is an open and accessible platform for new discoveries. A place where you can jump in despite any previous knowledge of experimental cinema in its many forms.

Wilden screenings are supported by our dear friends from MUBI