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Wilden: Anna Marziano

  • Wolf Kino 59 Weserstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12045 Germany (map)

Four Films by Anna Marziano
La Veglia (The Wake) (2min) + Orizzonti Orizzonti (11min) + The Mutability of All Things and the Possibility of Changing Some (16min) + Beyond the One (53min)

We are happy to welcome Anna to Wolf for a post screening conversation.

Anna Marziano is a filmmaker experimenting with the documentary form and with the association of fragments (texts, sounds, images). She dedicates great care to the process of meeting the others and the relational possibilities offered by a soundrecorder and a camera. Gathering voices and writing with the others’ words, Anna’s films question the transformations of singular/plural identities and keep traces of the experience of being in the world.


La Veglia (The Wake)
2 min, Super8, black and white /color, Germany 2010.
A peaceful home life is suddenly interrupted by the words of a political rally. A work on the relationship between individual space and the media system, which seems to ends up replacing reality.

“Marie-Claude Treilhou (Ateliers Varan) proposed that we make a collective film composed of various shorts that all deal with rage. Even though the project hasn't yet been completed, right from the start felt very close to this subject. I'm not talking about the emotional aspect of rage, nor its interpretation in a revolutionary key. Instead, I'm referring to a silent and constitutive rage. Los justos by Jorge Luis Borges was a poem which guided me as | wrote the short, like a serene expression of a radical state of rebellion, composed of the renunciation of power and violence.”-AM


De la mutabilité de toute chose et de la possibilité d’en changer certaines (The Mutability of All Things and the Possibility of Changing Some)
16min, 16mm, black and white / color, France 2011.
This journey into mutability takes place in Abruzzi, Italy, in a territory that was damaged by the earthquake in 2009. By way of fragments of conversa- tions, archive material and readings in public spaces, the film explores the becoming of individual and social bodies.

“The transitory nature of our existence is shown with particular clarity in LAquila. The original impulse of this film was to experience the becoming. On one hand it was about dealing with the acceptance of the perpetual change, which reminds us of being something rather little than big. On the other hand, it was about the choice of taking part to this change in public life. In this propensity towards action, the film finds its political di- mension, moved by an always renewed wonder towards the singularity of each being”. - AM


Orizzonti orizzonti!
12 min., 16mm and video, black and white / color, 2014
This film is composed of 5 horizons, each one offered by the filmmaker to the voices of some passers by met in Apulia in June 2013: their words draw closed and open spaces, paths of illnesses and healing.

Anna Marziano's Orizzonti Orizzonti! continues the filmmaker's interest in marginalized voices and the fragment as a form of meaningful exchange. Documenting encounters with Apulians, the film oscillates between black-and-white documentary neorealism and placid, Sugimoto-like sea- scapes”. - Andréa Picard (TIFF Wavelenghts)


Au-delà de l’un (Beyond the One)
53 min, Super8 + 16mm, color, France/Germany (2013 - 2017).
Through a selection of excerpts from music, film and literature, the film opens a conversation that crosses the labyrinth of domestic violence and pain caused by ideals or circumstances. It deals with different attempts of living together, of nourishing connections towards people who passed away, in a wide reflection on our singular/plural condition. Not a film on family, couple, community nor polyamory. Rather traces of an act of existence. Film stock like fossil fragments. Sounds keeping suggestions of meetings with people and moments. Conversation in which essay and poetry intertwine, wandering the blurred area where our solitary beings merge and the ambiguity of our intimate relational life begins.