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Workshop: The Monoform

  • Wolf 59 Weserstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12045 Germany (map)

Unfortunately, our speaker fell ill and won't be able to come


Workshop: The Monoform (in English), with German A. Duarte
June 8: 7-9pm and June 9: 4-8pm

Wolf Studio, Wildenbruchstrasse 6, 12045 Berlin

In a three-day workshop, media scholar German A. Duarte sheds light on the concept of the "Monoform", a term invented by Peter Watkins. The filmmaker and media critic Watkins uses the phrase to describe the manipulation and spreading of conventional narrative forms by audiovisual mass media. In three lectures Duarte will approach the nature of the "Monoform" throughout film history.

“Monoform is also a process, don’t forget, it’s not just a language form. It is an ideology, it is a concept, it is a process. It is not only a form. With the monoform comes a way you deal with human beings, a way you interview people on television, a way you treat the audience; it is also an ideology, a regard, a point of view a professional vision of how television should be.” - Peter Watkins

Monoform, as described by Peter Watkins, is usually understood as an inner dispositive that structures narratives spaces in the audiovisual field. It can be highlighted through montage, editing, narratives structures, effects, rhythms, and sounds that build the gamut of conventions of mainstream cinema and television.

This workshop aims to analyze the monoform in its different expressions. Particular attention will be paid to different technological contexts and the way in which media technologies influenced and transformed narrative structures in the audiovisual field. In order to better identify the flexible nature of monoform, the workshop will be divided into three parts corresponding to three different periods, each of which were shaped by major technological transformations within the audiovisual field.