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  • Wolf Studio 6 Wildenbruchstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12045 Germany (map)

Lucas Foletto Celinski

Lucas Foletto Celinski

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Hirakawa’s LOST FILMS zeigt Filmtitel auf schwarzem Hintergrund. Es handelt sich um alte Filme aus Japan, die von der Geschichte und dem Schicksal verschluckt wurden: es gibt sie nicht mehr, nur ihre Namen sind noch da. Man sagt, dass 95% der japanischen Filme von vor 1935 verschwunden sind. Lucas Foletto Celinski präsentiert eine Wandinstallation mit modularen Systemen und elastischen Mustern, die in vielen Variationen kombiniert werden können.

Das Muster soll als Projektionsfäche für Hirakawa’s Werk dienen. Die Installation SPATIO TEMPORAL wird nur an dem Eröfnungsabend sichtbar sein und kann nicht wiederholt werden. LOST FILMS wird eine Woche lang nachts auf Wolf’s Studiofenster projiziert und von der Strasse aus zu sehen sein


Wolf Studio is pleased to present “Ephemeral Matter”, a screening of Youki Hirakawa's series of work “Lost Films” in dialog with Lucas Foletto Celinski's site-specific installation “Spatio-Temporal”.

"Lost Films" is a series of work Hirakawa has undertaken since 2017. On a black background projected onto a wall, the titles and production years of old films faintly appear and disappear. The titles appear at first like a simple enumeration, yet faint connections of poetic meaning emerge. These titles are films once publicly screened but now lost—a record of which remain in magazines and posters but whose actual motion picture films have been lost. Surprisingly, it is said that the whereabouts of about 95% of Japanese films shown until the 1930s are unknown— even include some early silent films from Yasujiro Ozu—mainly because of the use of celluloid film containing a highly flammable compound, nitrocellulose until the 1940s. Other reasons include insufficient awareness concerning the preservation of films and their loss to fire in the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923) and the World War II Air Raids on Japan. Initially, when viewing a list of lost Japanese films for the production of this work, Hirakawa noticed that their titles came together to form poetic sequences of words. Selecting word sequences and rearranging them, Hirakawa has completed what can be called a poem, if somewhat fragmental. The poem, in a sense, gives ‘voice’ to the Japanese films lost in the course of Japan’s long history of filmmaking.

Beside the work "Eiga ni Narumade Kimi yo Takaraka ni Utae (Until it Becomes a Film Sing in a Loud Voice) / 2018", Hirakawa also presents other language versions of "Lost Films" such as "The Better Way Back to the Soil / 2017" and "Vom Fels zum Meer, Von Ozean zu Ozean (From the Rocks to the Sea, From Ocean to Ocean) / 2017".

Lucas Foletto Celinski will present a wall-based installation produced and assembled in the exhibition space. The artist uses module systems and elastic pattern structures that can be combined in many variations and adapted to the surrounding environment. Through this pattern arrangement Foletto Celinski offers a possible surface for projection and interaction with Hirakawa's work. The installation “Spatio-Temporal” will last only for the opening evening and can not be replicated the same way twice. The ephemeral quality of this piece explores the notions of production and durability of art.

The event will take place at Wolf Studio on the 16th of August at 21:00. Hirakawa's series “Lost Film” will be after projected onto the Wolf Studio's window display for one week during the night.

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