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Performance: Fluxus et Refluxus

  • Wolf Studio 6 Wildenbruchstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12045 Germany (map)
Fluxus et Refluxus(c)Distruktur.jpg

Performance mit Melissa Dullius und Gustavo Jahn aka Distruktur im Wolf Studio, Eintritt: 10€

16mm Doppelprojektion mit Live-Vertonung
Fluxus et Refluxus is a constant flow caused by an electric-maritime stream that crosses bodies, minds and spaces. The filmperformance is made of multiple 16mm projections accompanied by live sounds.

Brasilien/Deutschland | Work-in-Progress seit 2006 | ca. 40 min.


Directors' Statement:

Fluxus et Refluxus was the point of departure for the feature film Muito Romântico, and it shares many images and sounds with the film.  It also starts on the Atlantic aboard a cargo ship. Throughout over 5 years we have presented it in different settings, lengths and contexts.  It was an exercise of giving shape to sequences and structures that would form Muito Romântico before it became a finished piece, and a vivid way to test its effects, exposing the audience to a performative act mixing image, music, sound and text.

Entering on the thematic of journey, it develops this idea in many different dimensions. Scrambling private and public spheres, visual arts and cinema, work and love: all 16mm images were processed and printed at the film lab collective LaborBerlin.

By staging the performance for the first time after having finished the film, we want to start the engines and set sail again, and state that this journey is still on-going.

We invite the audience to a voyage, watching Muito Romântico at Wolf Kino and seeing it from a new perspective when we perform Fluxus et Refluxus live.