Wolf wants cinema to be a dream machine that creates unforgettable memories and encounters – real and fictional. Our two bespoke screening rooms were created in close collaboration with filmmakers to ensure that we provide image, sound and acoustic quality that does justice to the hard work of making a film.


Wolf’s bar and café opens at 10am (weekends at noon) and closes late in the evening. It is a place to meet - with or without watching a film. We hope this space will be the home for many inspiring, drunken, sober, silly, earnest and unforgettable encounters. The bar is fully licensed, the coffee machine chews on fine, carefully chosen espresso beans and weekdays from 12 to 4pm our cook Machiko makes great lunches.


The Studio is under the same roof as the cinema but with a separate entrance on street level. It is the left brain of Wolf, where the boundaries of the traditional cinema screen are challenged. The Studio room is a versatile and convertible screening-, exhibition- or event space and its programme is concerned with all aspects of the moving image: be it analogue or digital, virtual or hyperreal. Its multi-functionality accommodates exhibitions, installations and live-performances. Wolf also offers regular workshops and discussions creating a space where film education, training and practice merge – where those curious about film and those who are experts meet and exchange.


The postproduction facilities will open later this year.


Now and then, Wolf also acts as a distributor and releases films – to our own and other cinemas – that don’t get regular distribution in Germany. These are films that we especially love, festival highlights and discoveries, works of directors that we feel especially close to and for which we want to generate enthusiasm beyond Wolf’s audience.