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Help Wolf remain wild! The continued support of our community supports Wolf to show renegade, pioneering and unusual films and programmes. We appreciate each and every contribution and you can always chip in here to help us keep taking risks with programming and offering unique, exciting events.


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Cinema chair

If you want to become a patron of Wolf or if you want to continue your existing support, here is a unique chance to do so. We have a limited number of our precious plush cinema seats that can be yours. You can be the owner of one seat while it's inside the cinema and you can name it after a loved one, someone who’s inspired you, a group or organisation, or why not name it after your good old self.

It will be yours for as long as there is a cinema! We will add a brass-name-plaque to the seat and help you chose the right one. All this for €525.  To find out more, please write to us.