Direction: Joachim Trier

With: Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Herbert Nordrum

Norway 2021, 128', FSK 12, OmU;
English subtitles from June 9

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The Worst Person in the World


OT: Verdens Verste Mennesk

Julie doesn't know what she wants. The student changes subjects and disciplines like others change their socks. At some point she meets the older comic artist Aksel. The love between the two is great at first, but confronts Julie quite quickly with expectations she doesn't want to fulfil. And while her relationship with Aksel continues to falter, Julie continues to search for the meaning of her life and, by the way, time magically stands still in Oslo. Director Joachim Trier ("Oslo, 31 August", "Reprise") concludes his Oslo trilogy. He has succeeded in creating a sensationally precise look at modern relationships in the mirror of current debates. In twelve chapters, the film circles around Julie's life and looks at her hesitation and procrastination with a society that is currently readjusting itself. Patriarchy is crumbling, visibility is being demanded and climate change must be stopped. What is the role of a relationship in such a world? Is it selfish or the last port of call? Through such questions, Trier develops a highly precise and exciting Millennial sociology that manages to grasp more than many hyped generational novels. For her performance as Julie, actress Renate Reinsve was awarded Best Actress in Cannes last year.

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