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Direction: Steven Spielberg

with Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Chloe East

USA 2022, 151', English with german subtitles, FSK 12

from 23.03.2023

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The Fabelmans


Sammy Fabelman is eight when he discovers the power of the movies. It is 1952 and his parents take him to see Cecil B. DeMille’s The Greatest Show on Earth. Sammy is especially fascinated by the train crash scene and recreates it with his model railroad. Encouraged by his artistically inclined mother, he starts filming it with his father’s 8mm movie camera. He then stages little movies around the house, first using his three younger sisters and later, after the family moves to Arizona, the members of his Boy Scout troupe. But home movies made during a camping trip trigger a crisis in the family. The footage reveals a secret connection between Sammy’s mother and his father Burt’s business partner and friend … Alongside a narrative of Spielberg’s youth, which included anti-Semitic hostility and his parents’ divorce, the film weaves a tale about the magic power of movies and the source of his art within his own family. The Fabelmans is a highly personal film, with adages from Sammy’s Uncle Boris, a lion tamer and film veteran, reverberating with as much force as advice from John Ford. But the most powerful truism comes from Sammy’s mother: “Movies are dreams that you never forget”.

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