Direction: various directors

Total running time: 81'

Soura Film Festival: Mawjoudin Film Programme


We are very proud to collaborate this year on a short film program with Mawjoudin from Tunisia, who offer their platform to amplify queer voices from the region.

by Nedjma Zeghidi, Tunsisa 2022, 15', Arabic with english subtitles
Voices go through the city, a city that pushes them to the margins. A walking body carries these voices. The space is filled with their palpable dissonances.

by Nedjma Zeghidi, Tunsisa 2022, 8', Arabic with english subtitles
This documentary is a train ride:  meetings with individuals questioning gender and non-normative sexualities.

by Jasser Bechir Ouasleti, Tunsisa 2022, 5', Arabic with english subtitles
An artist talks about gender and cultural policies in connection with the queer cause. Between laws and legality, what role does the intellectual – and particularly the artist in theater and cinema – play in questioning the social aspects of this objective?

by Amel Guellaty, Tunsisa 2022, 12', Arabic with english subtitles
What link is there between the image and the sound? How can love bring out so much hate? In Tunisia, violence against the LGBTQIA+ communities is normalized and accepted by the society. Love and Violence, tells the stories of five individuals, all victims of violence because of their sexuality, through audio and through the images of their love stories.

by Sahar El Euchi, Tunsisa 2022, 10', Arabic with english subtitles
Two names, two faces and one story: a story that is told behind the eyes of a person who is looking to be free but not lonely.

by Bassem Ben Brahim, Tunsisa 2022, 10', Arabic with english subtitles
Using real footage and animation, the story of Nidhal is told. A young Tunisian homosexual defending the individual liberties in Tunisia through his work at a radio station, Nidhal finds himself under pressure and threats that oblige him to flee the country and demand asylum in the Netherlands.

by Firas Ben Ali, Tunsisa 2022, 9', Arabic with english subtitles
North African Tunisian queers explain the meaning of their gender identity and how they are dealing with their gender expression in a patriarchal queer-phobic system and an intolerant society.

by Mohamed Osman Kilani, Tunsisa 2022, 6', Arabic with english subtitles
A name is a spell and a key – if you know how to read it. Through a linguistic adventure, the director explores the several layers of Identity hidden between the lines of his forename.

by Inès Arsi, Tunsisa 2022, 6', Arabic with english subtitles
To define yourself is to shut yourself away. Ahmed, a young Tunisian artist, transcends standards and goes beyond the labels that are stuck on him, with a single goal: to live as his soul tells him to do.

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