Direction: various directors

Total running time: 78' + Q&A

Soura Film Festival: Short Film Programme 1 - Bleeding Hearts


An ode to the queers who have to hide, who can’t share their love, who keep waiting for spring, for one day those hearts will stop bleeding.

by Maissa Lihedheb, Germany 2022, 18', German with english subtitles
A date takes an unexpected turn in this meditation on race, politics and history in Germany.

by Reem Morsi, USA 2022, 7', English
An awkward, people-pleasing Arab immigrant finally decides to come out to his fiancee then his mom walks in on them.

by Sido Lansari, France/Morocco 2022, 8', Arabic and French with english subtitles
On a spring day, a family celebrates the new season with a picnic in the woods of Casablanca’s surroundings. The sun beats down, darting its rays through the trees and lighting up the scenery. Suddenly, the kid starts dancing.

by Naures Sager, Sweden 2021, 15', Swedish, Arabic, English with english subtitles
Two Arab men are playing a sexy game but get interrupted by one of their biggest fears – a threat from the Arab world.

by Behzad Azadi, Iran 2020, 19', Farsi, Pashto with english subtitles
Samim, a teenage Afghan refugee, works illegally in a ceremony salon in Tehran. They are little by little embracing their sexuality as a girl in a young boy’s figure. Djalal, the head attendant, has his eyes on Samim and finds out about their secret. He makes a move to take advantage of this.

by Ömer Tevfik Erten, Turkey 2019, 10' Arabic, Turkish with english and turkish subtitles
Trans individuals, who are deprived of their right to work due to their gender identity, become a more vulnerable group in Turkey, especially in cases involving illness and old age.
In 2012, following the initiative of the Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association, the Trans Guest House was opened for trans individuals who are in distress, have no place to stay, and are exposed to violence. The short documentary film “Guest*House”, together with the photographs Ömer Tevfik Erten took in the guesthouse in 2014, is the gateway to the trans solidarity organized for the sustainability of the Trans Guesthouse and the search for a “safe space” for the people who temporarily host the guest house.

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