Direction: various directors

total running time: 81' + Q&A

Soura Film Festival: Beyond Borders - Ukraine


In 2021 we launched a new section with the aim to highlight cinematic efforts outside the scope of the SWANA region. For this year’s segment we invited programmer Bohdan Zhuk to curate the program for us, focusing on contemporary queer Ukrainian cinema. 

by Yuriy Dvizhon, Ukraine 2020, 4', Ukrainian and English with english subtitles
FROLOV explores sexuality with the brand’s new line STUD |ˈstʌd|. It was filmed during brand creative director Ivan Frolov’s trip through the United States. Following street castings, Ivan met various models in six American states and through conversations and interviews with them, the designer conducted his own research into sexuality and gender identity. This, in turn, became the basis for the STUD campaign.

by Olena Siyatovska, Uraine 2022, 20', Ukrainian with english subtitles
Michelle, a 20-year-old transgender woman, lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, and dreams of becoming a model. She returns to her birthplace, a small village in Western Ukraine, to visit her relatives and friends who were the first to accept her identity.

by Vitaliy Kikot, Ukraine 2022, 30', Ukrainian with english subtitles
A love triangle begins between a cashier and the two security guards of a small supermarket in a provincial town.

by Yana Kyrychenko, Ukraine 2020, 7', Ukrainian with english subtitles
Artem shares two sides of his story: the ordinary life of a boy and the enchanting one of a virgin with an unusual name – the letter B. This is a documentary about drag culture, freedom and extravagance, about equality and choice.

by Vitaliy Havura, Ukraine 2020, 20', Ukrainian with english subtitles
Yanush grew up in a conservative Romani community in a small Ukrainian town. He is about to get married, as his family wishes. But Yanush is gay and in love with another young man, Pasha. Together with Pasha, they decide to sneak away from the wedding and leave the town, but can Yanush really do it?

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