Direction: Hanna Doose

with Bibiana Beglau, Gina Henkel, Katarina Schröter, Godehard Giese

Germany 2021, 111', German with english subtitles

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Kiss My Wounds


OT: Wann kommst du meine Wunden küssen

A tragicomic and true-to-life drama about life, with many of its actors in improvisation mode.

Years ago, three best friends were making a stir in Berlin’s arts scene and nightlife: Maria, a director; Laura, a young actress; and Jan, a DJ. Now they all meet up on a farm in the Black Forest where Laura and Jan had moved to fulfill their dream of a rural life. The illusions they’d all once had have given way to a life that is anything but glamorous. This is partly comical, partly tragic, and as the masks come off, it becomes clear that Maria still has a score to settle.

We are thrilled to welcome director Hanna Doose for a talk following the screening on Tuesday 7 February.

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