Direction: Park Chan-Wook

with Tang Wei, Park Hae-il, Go Kyung-pyo

Republic of Korea 2022, 138, Korean with german subtitles

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Decision to leave


OT: Heojil Kyolshim

Followed by a digital Live Q&A with director Park Chan-wook on Thursday 2 February.

Park Chan-wook’s outstanding thriller shows the Korean maverick at the triumphant top of his game, bringing a delightful swing to his latest twisty tale. Detective Hae-joon plays an almost parodically workaholic detective who is called upon to investigate the death of a man who fell or was pushed off a mountain. He questions the man’s widow Seo-rae and develops a helpless crush on her (despite his comically stable marriage), as well as some suspicions about her backstory as an outsider to the country. As the case develops, Park demonstrates his mastery of action and suspense anew, finding fresh ways to film the story’s unpredictable beats.
But what fuels the film is not plot mechanics but the positively Hitchcockian charm in the simmering connection between the upstanding detective and his savvy subject, as Park nails the chemistry of attraction and pursuit with sly humor. It’s easily some of Park’s own best work (and in its own, crafty way as alluring as THE HANDMAIDEN was), bringing new life to a milieu you might think you know.

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