Film for Kids

Direction: Michael Ekblad, Matthias Bruhn, Ted Sieger

Germany / Switzerland / Sweden 2015, 72', German, FSK 0, recommended 5+

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  • DF: German version
  • OV: Original version without subtitles
  • OMU: Original version with German subtitles
  • OMEU: Original version with English subtitles
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Molly Monster


Molly Monster tells the story of Molly, a cheerful, bright monster girl who lives with her best friend Edison, a wind-up toy with a rebellious life of its own, and her parents in colorful, crazy Monsterland. When a new sibling is announced, the family erupts in joyful excitement: the egg that mother Etna has laid is to be hatched by father Popocatepetel, according to old monster custom. The traditional place for this is the distant Egg Island, to which the parents have to set off - time is of the essence. Molly is supposed to stay at home with her uncles Alfredo and Santiago, as she is still too small for such a long journey. Her parents think so - but Molly doesn't. And when her uncles are not paying attention, the brave monster sets off on her own with Edison on a long and exciting journey: over wild, desolate hills, past deep valleys, she encounters all kinds of helpful fellow monsters and finally finds Egg Island, her parents and her new place as a big sister in the monster family.