Open Call: Colour Grading Workshop




Open Call for Colour Grading Workshop

07. - 10. November 2017

Wolf Studio, Wildenbruchstraße 6, 12045 Berlin


As part of the Wolf Edition 3 Undertones, which is dedicated to the topic of colour in film, we are offering a multi-day colour grading workshop. We have invited the young and accomplished cinematographer/colourist Jorge Piquer Rodriguez to give you an introduction to both the essence of, and the daily work behind, colour grading.

Jorge Piquer Rodriguez has been the colourist for many feature films and countless short films, many of which have had successful runs at major international film festivals. Because he is both colourist and cinematographer, he will give you an in-depth look into the art of digital image composition: from the film’s conception and implementation on set to postproduction and the film’s grading.

Another section of the workshop will deal specifically with how to set up a professional colour grading studio on a limited budget, making independent film work possible.


Workshop Dates and Times:

07.11. - How do I build a DIY colour grading studio?

08.11. - Introduction to DaVinci Resolve

09.11. - Theory of colour grading

10.11. - Open grading session*

10am - 5pm, in English


*Thomas Moritz Helm will provide two scenes from his recently shot film, BEFORE WE GROW OLD, to be colour graded live, with the director present.


This workshop is geared towards filmmakers, video artists, aspiring colourists, cinematographers and anyone who wishes to deepen his/her knowledge on this subject.

Workshop registration ends October 24.
Please contact:

Participation fee: 50 €


As the number of participants is limited, please write a few words about yourself and tell us why you would like to participate in the workshop.



Jorge Piquer Rodriguez has worked as a freelance cinematographer and colourist for the past 10 years. He’s done film-work for features, documentaries, short films and advertisements. In 2006, he founded the production company La Ignorancia, which has produced various dance films, installations, and performances. In his work, he is always searching for new possibilities in analogue and digital filmmaking. He has worked with filmmakers and artists such as Salomé Lamas, Tamer El Said, Marcin Malaszczak, Josephine Decker, Khristine Gillard and Jen Debauche, among others.


Detailed Description of Workshop Contents:

● Setting up the workspace

● Monitoring and calibration

● Graphical User Interface (GUI, Waveform, Scopes)

● Operation / Control / Accessories

● Computer / Hardware / Software

● Essence of colour grading / Application: art films vs. commercial films

● Processing the raw material before grading

● Error correction: exposure, sharpness, colour, etc.

● Adapting scenes and sequences

● Developing a “look”: mood / emotion / narration

● Communication and collaboration with the cinematographer / director

● Image control / Technical parameters

● Media and signals

● Primary / Secondary customization and editing

● Colour schemes and adjustment

● Working on image elements (shapes, vignettes, tracking)

● Creative and artistic work