Wolf News and Cinema Programme from September 21


Dearest Wolves,

This week we've started our school project "What is Cinema?" with a group of 13-15 year olds from a neighbouring school who will visit us weekly for the whole school year to learn about filmmaking, cinema programming and curation. We're looking forward to a year of discoveries together with the teenagers and with film historian and filmmaker Brigitta Wagner, who is leading the project.


TOMORROW, we invite you to have dinner with us and director  Tamer El Said in between the screenings of IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY (we're showing the film at 5.50pm with German and at 7.40pm with English subtitles). A perfect way to heal your Cairo cravings!
Muhammad from Kairo Koshary will come to Wolf and serve his delicious version of the Egyptian street food Koshary!
Koshary is a typical Egyptian dish made with a mix of twice cooked vermicelli and short-grain Egyptian rice, brown lentils, and Ditalini pasta topped with a slow cooked tomato pureé prepared with Mediterranean spices, chickpeas and crispy fried onions slivers (ward). Hot sauce (shatta) and garlic sauce (da'a) are common toppings.
The dishes will be between 6,50 € - 7,50 €

We also have two guests this week for Q+As in German, and for all of you English speakers out there we have two new films in our programme:
You surely have hear about mother! and/or heard people fighting about it. We also want to fight about with you! Come form an opinion, have a beer/water/tea and get into heated debates about what will surely be one of the most important films this year!

If you want to know what's being made by Neukölln directors right now, come have a look at Tom Lass' Blind und Hässlich and see for yourself how a self-loathing ugly guy - who's not really ugly - and a blind girl - who's not really blind - are trying to date.
We're showing it with English subtitles!

Screening times for this week below!

This week's delicious Japanese lunch menu by Machiko you can find here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in the cinema!

Your Wolves

Blind & Hässlich (OmEU): Do, Sa - Mi 14:15 Uhr / Fr 15:00 Uhr / Do, Sa - Di 18:10, 22:15 Uhr
mother! (OmU): täglich 16:00, 20:10 Uhr
In den letzten Tagen der Stadt (OmEU): Do, Sa - Mi 12:00, 16:10 Uhr / Fr 12:40, 17:00 Uhr / Fr, Mi 22:00 Uhr
In den letzten Tagen der Stadt (OmU): Do, Sa - Di 20:00 Uhr
Wunde, Die (OmU): täglich 14:15, 22:20 Uhr
Kedi - Von Katzen und Menschen (OmU): täglich 12:30 Uhr / Fr 18:10 Uhr / Mi 18:15 Uhr / Do, Sa - Di 18:25 Uhr
Lukas Valenta Rinner zu Gast: Die Liebhaberin (OmU): Mi 19:30 Uhr
Tom Lass zu Gast: Blind & Hässlich (OV): Fr 19:30 Uhr
Baby Wolfgang präsentiert: Blind & Hässlich (OmEU): Di 10:30 Uhr