New at Wolf & Weekly Programme August 24-30, 2017


Dear Wolfgang,

Last week, Julia C. Kaiser came by to visit and to present her film DIE HANNAS, and on Sunday, many, many cats roamed our screen. Because so many people couldn't get in we're repeating our CATStragavanza this Sunday at 8pm! We're showing all three cats & cats & cats short films that were commissioned by the London Short Film Festival again (& HUGE Thanks to the filmmakers & Philip Ilson) and of course KEDI as well. Tickets, as always, here:

New this week is Valéry Rosier's feature film debut PARASOL a sharp and funny look at the dreams and disasters of the off-season vacationers on Mallorca island (check this amazing trailer in the link!).

Wuxia classic DRAGON INN is joining A TOUCH OF ZEN this week! "A genre classic that has been often-imitated and directly remade twice, is to the martial arts genre what "Stagecoach" is to the Western..Hu evokes an entire world in his awe-inspiring wide-angle camerawork and graceful, still-unpredictable action scenes. Now modern viewers can enjoy "Dragon Inn" in a new 4K restoration that makes Hu's classic look appropriately majestic." –

And Baby Wolfgang for all fresh parents out there is showing DIE HANNAS this week. As always, Tuesday at 10.30am.

If you haven't seen MY HAPPY FAMILY, THE ORNITHOLOGIST, PONYO or SPACE IS THE PLACE: hurry, today is your last chance!

This week's delicious Japanese lunch menu by Machiko you can find here.

Your wolves