New at Wolf & Cinema Week July 27

Dear Wolfgang,

Last week, director of THE ORNITHOLOGIST (that you can still see every night at 8.20pm!) João Pedro Rodrigues came back to us to join us for a weekend of two of his films, O FANTASMA and LAST TIME I SAW MACAO. He brought his collaborator and co-director for MACAO, João Rui Guerra da Mata, along with him to speak about past and future projects in Macao.

This week we have even more guests coming! Gareth Evans arrived from London last night to open our Wolf Edition 2 Workshop (that's today and tomorrow) with an introduction, a screening and a lovely discussion round with workshop and audience members in our bar afterwards.
Producer Karen Chien has also arrived for her talk on alternative distribution strategies in North America and China this afternoon and we're looking forward to two days of enthusiastic and inspiring discussions about how we can distribute films that we are passionate.

Right on time for the summer holidays (and the rain season!) Das Sams is coming back to the screen! The anarchical creature will be rocking our cinema – and Herr Taschenbier's life – every day at 12 and 4.20pm.

And Baby Wolfgang on Tuesday will show the 1980's cult classic LA BOUM.

And one more piece of news at the end: we have improved our website a great deal! Check out, it is clearer, better structured and we hope that it makes your life easier. And most of all: we think this site can now grow and evolve with us. So here's a shout out to our Wonder Woman, troubleshooter and design queen Maia!

Screening times for this week in the grey box above or, as always, at!

The Wolf Pack