Wolf news & weekly programme 8.6.

Hey Wolfgang,

Lots is happening again these coming days: music & live film, the start of our regular Japanese lunch days, andafter yesterdays premiere in all three screens & the bar, a dog is going round in our house. SELF-CRITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG by Julian Radlmaier is a "very funny German film that has the courage not to take itself seriously while being utopian enough to deal with the revolution. A political comedy"  (SWR). Shown with English subtitles.

We're also welcoming 20TH CENTURY WOMEN by Mike Mills, "love and loss go hand in hand in 20th Century Women, a funny, emotionally piercing story about a teenager and the women who raise him." Manohla Dargis The NYTimes

Wolf and Piranha Records are excited to welcome Priscila Telmon and Vincent Moon to Berlin for a one off audio-visual performance in-between cinema, live music and rituals. Look out for this immersive and intimate experience at Studio 6 on12th and 13th June.

We continue to show our favourites I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, THE HANDMAIDEN & NOCTURAMA - and don't forget the great Jodorowsky cult films EL TOPO & THE HOLY MOUNTAIN - our late night pleasures.

See you soon & Awooooo

Weekly Programme 08.-14. June

SELF-CRITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG (English and German with English and German subtitles) by Julian Radlmaier, daily 12:30 Uhr, 15:00 Uhr & 20:00 Uhr

20th CENTURY WOMEN (OmU) by Mike Mills, daily 12:00 Uhr (except Tuesday at 12:30 Uhr), daily 20:00 Uhr

NOCTURAMA (OmU) by Betrand Bonello, daily17:20 Uhr

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO (OmU) by Raoul Peck, dailiy 14.30 Uhr & 18:10 Uhr

THE HANDMAIDEN by Park-Chan Wook, daily 22:30 Uhr

EL TOPO (OmU) by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Thu, Sat, Mon & Wed 22:10 Uhr

HOLY MOUNTAIN (OmEU) by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fri, Sat, Tue 22:10 Uhr

ÜBERFLIEGER - KLEINE VÖGEL, GROSSES GEKLAPPER(Richard the Stork) by Toby Genkel & Reza Memari, daily 16:30 Uhr

Baby Wolfgang presents: 20th CENTURY WOMEN by Mike Mills (Kino for parents with up to 12 month old babies), Tue 10:30 Uhr

Film & Music in Wolf Studio:

PRISCILLA TELMON & VINCENT MOON, Monday and Tuesday at 20:00 Uhr


Coming Soon:

AXOLOTL OVERKILL by Helene Hegemann, impressive, provocative signature, from 29th June.DER TOD DES LUDWIG XIV. a visual feast and unforgettable portrait of the Sun King by the singular director Albert Serra from 29th June. On 2nd July we have the pleasure to welcome the director in person with thanks to Grandfilm

MY HAPPY FAMILY by Nana Ekvtimishvili und Simon Groß - "...masterful presentations of family as an overwhelming experience." (Roger Ebert.com) from 13th July.










Maia Santos