Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon im Wolf

Pricilla Telmon and Vincent Moon at Wolf - A spiritual journey into Cinema, Music and Rituals. 

Wolf and Piranha Records are excited to welcome Priscila Telmon and Vincent Moon to Berlin for a one off audio-visual performance in-between cinema, live music and rituals. Look out for this immersive and intimate experience at Studio 6 on June 12th and 13th. 

The artists will create a new film every night, inviting the viewers along to the adventure. They will edit their own music and ethnographic films in real-time, adding singing and various instrumentation on to sacred rituals, and developing a very new form of site-specific trans-cinema. Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon will break down the distance between viewer and the subject, bringing us to a realm of movements, of music pulsating at high rhythms, creating a the core a new perspective of what might be the invisible. 

On the 12th, we take off on a journey and discover music and rituals from the world – from Sufi rituals in Chechnya to trance ceremonies in Indonesia, from ancient churches in Ethiopia to shamanic experiences in the Amazon and more. 

On the 13th, we will dive into Híbridos, their new work, presented for the first time in a live configuration in Berlin. The project is a 3-year research into Brazilian spiritualties - from the largest catholic procession in the world to a never before seen indigenous ritual in the Mato Grosso, from healing ceremonies in spiritist centres to Ayahuasca-driven avant-garde rituals in Rio de Janeiro. 

Stills from Híbridos, Vincent Moon & Priscilla Telmon's latest trans-cinema project

Tickets 12 Euro

Maia Santos