Wolf news & weekly programme 15.6.

Dear Wolfgang,

After an eventful week of two sold-out audiovisual performances at the Studio and a daily Japanese lunch special by Machiko (here's this week's menu) we're getting ready for Thursday, when Julian Radlmaier will be back to speak about SELF-CRITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG.

Next week on Tuesday, Athina Tsangari (maker of ATTENBERG, an essential of the Greek weird wave) will be here to present her film CHEVALIER, "alpha male supremacy that is skewered brilliantly" (The Guardian), so come by for the screening and subsequent discussion!

New this week is one of our all time favourites, SPIRITED AWAY (the German version) by Hayao Miyazaki, that you will be able to admire on the big screen every afternoon: "The best animated film of all time" (Vice). Also new to our screen for everyone who hasn't already seen this "bittersweet comedy-drama about the unlikely friendship between a Syrian refugee and a low-rent Helsinki restaurateur" (The Holywood Reporter) is Aki Kaurismäki's THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE (with German subtitles).

Late Night pleasure THE HOLY MOUNTAIN is now on every night at 10:30pm (with English subtitles) and if you haven't seen Bertrand Bonello's NOCTURAMA and Raoul Peck's I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO: today is your last chance!

See you soon & Awooooo


Weekly Programme 15.-21. June

  • THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE (German subtitles) by Aki Kaurismäki: Thu 12pm, Fri 12 and 6.30pm, Sun 12 and 6.30pm, Mon 12 and 6.30pm, Tue 12 and 6.30pm, Wed 12 pm
  • CHEVALIER (German subtitles) by Athina Rachel Tsangari: Tue 7.30pm
  • SPIRITED AWAY (German version) by Hayao Miyazaki: every day at 4.20pm, except for Saturday (5.30pm)
  • HOLY MOUNTAIN (English subtitles) by Alejandro Jodorowsky: every day at 10.30pm
  • 20th CENTURY WOMEN (German subtitles) by Mike Mills: Thu 8.10pm, Fri 2 and 8.10pm, Sat 8.10pm, Sun 2 and 8.10pm, Mon 8.10pm, Tue 2 and 5pm, Wed 2 and 8.10pm
  • SELF-CRITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG (English and German subtitles) by Julian Radlmaier: Thu 12, 2.20 and 7.30pm, Fri 12, 2.20 and 8.30pm, Sat 2.20 and 8.30pm, Sun 12, 2 and 8.30pm, Mon 12, 2.20 and 8.30pm, Tue 12, 2.20, 8.30pm, Wed 12, 2.20 and 7pm (this screening together wth EIN PROLETARISCHES WINTERMÄRCHEN)
  • THE HANDMAIDEN (German subtitles) by Park Chan-wook: Thu 5 and 10.30pm, Fr1 5 and 10.30 pm, Sat 5 and 10.30pm, Sun 10.30pm, Mon 5 and 10.30pm, Tue 10.30pm, Wed 5 and 10.30pm
  • Baby Wolfgang presents: SELF-CRITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG (German and English subtitles) by Julian Radlmaier: Tue 10.30am


Coming Soon: 

AXOLOTL OVERKILL by Helene Hegemann, impressive, provocative signature, from 29th June. 
DER TOD DES LUDWIG XIV. a visual feast and unforgettable portrait of the Sun King by the singular director Albert Serra from 29th June. On 2nd July we have the pleasure to welcome the director in person with thanks to Grandfilm!
MY HAPPY FAMILY by Nana Ekvtimishvili und Simon Groß - "...masterful presentations of family as an overwhelming experience." (RogerEbert.com) from 13th July. 
DER ORNITHOLOGE (O ORNITÓLOGO) by João Pedro Rodrigues, also from July 13. „Calling to mind the best of Luis Buñuel and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, The Ornithologist adopts a dream logic that never begs for decoding, a sensuous engagement with the world that asks only to be experienced.“ (Film Comment), "Mind-blowing in the best possible way" (IndieWire)

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Maia Santos