Wolf news & weekly programme 1.6.

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Dearest Wolves,

what more do  you want than sunshine? You should sweat so much that you will miss our cool, airconditioned cinema screens very soon :) Here are our goodies as of this Thursday. Our late nights for one week will be filled with Alejandro Jodorowsky's trippy desert cut film EL TOPO that can easily claim most surreal Western of all times. And be prepared, his onslaught continues next week with HOLY MOUNTAIN. In other news we're delighted that RICHARD THE STORK director Reza Memari will join us for a kids Q&A on Saturday and, tarraaaaa, next Tuesday we are hosting the Berlin Premiere of SELF CRITICISM OF A BURGEOIS DOG by Julian Radlmaier. Actors and doc actors and film crew will attend (film is shown with EN/GER subtitles so you're covered) and we offer Applewoi. An alcoholic apple beverage that's not to be missed. Thanks to Grandfilm distribution. 


Weekly Programme 01.-07. Juni

Maia Santos