Wolf news & weekly programme 20.4.

Let the Summer Never Come Again

Dear Wolfgang,

So much is happening this week that we can hardly fit it into one newsletter. So here's an overview of the main points: 

- TIGER GIRL (with English subtitles) & I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO & DAISIES (with English subtitles) are still showing here
- On Tuesday Baby Wolfgang is back with LALA LAND for parents with babies under 12 months
- Tomorrow at 18:00h we present the vernissage of Josephine Decker's virtual reality film at Wolf Studio (see below for full details)
- Afterwards at 20:00h Nicolette Krebitz presents her film WILD (starring a wild wolf, see cover pic), as part of Lola festival: many other films & special guests are coming until 26th April
- Sunday we have our big achtung berlin film festival day. Tom Lass presents a talk on improvisation, Alexandre Koberidze presents his almost famous three hour pixel-epic LET THE SUMMER NEVER COME AGAIN and Carline Kirberg comes with her world premiere of FAST WELT WEIT followed by live music and readings with some very special guests incl. Frank Werner, Achim Knorr, Frank Spilker and Bernadette La Hengst

Right, there's lots to do so you can crash here if you feel it's easier :) 


Your wolves.

Kinoprogramme 20. - 26. April

TIGER GIRL OmEnU, daily 12:10h, 14:00h except Sa & So, 18:10h except So, um 20:20h only on Mo, Di, Mi, daily 22:20h

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO OmU, daily 12:00h, 14:00h except Sa, daily 16:00h, 18:00h except Sa, 20:20h only Thu, Fr, Sa, So, daily 22:30h

DAISIES OmEnU, 16:20h except Fri & Sat

*Tuesday 25. April at 10:30h Baby Wolfgang presents La La Land  (Kino for parents with up to 12 month old babies)

Lola und der Wolf

Mi 19. April um 20:00h TSCHICK mit Produzent Marco Mehlitz und Drehbuchautor Lars Hubrich

Do 20. April um 20:00h WILD mit Regisseurin Nicolette Krebitz 

Fr 21. April um 16:00h I, DANIEL BLAKE 

& um 20:00h DIE BLUMEN VON GESTERN mit Gioia Raspé (Kostüm), Katrin Lemme, Chris Kraus (Regie)

Sa 22. April um 14:00h AUF AUGENHÖHE mit Regie-Duo Eva Goldbrauner und Joachim Dollhopf 

& um 18:20h TONI ERDMANN mit Heike Parplies (Schnitt) 

So 23. April um 14:00h TIM THALER 

Mo 24. April um 20h WILLKOMMEN BEI DEN HARTMANNS mit Regisseur Simon Verhoeven 

Di 25. April um 20h CAHIER AFRICAIN 

MI 26. April um 20h NO LAND’S SONG mit Produzent Gunter Hanfgarn 

Achtung Berlin - the new film award

So 23. April 

at 16:30h German Improfilme im Flow - Workshop talk with Tom Lass 

at 18:00h LET SUMMER NEVER COME AGAIN with director  Alexandre Koberidze

at 19:00h FAST WELTWEIT. Film, Music, Texts by and with Caroline Kirberg, Michael Girke, Bernadette La Hengst, Achim Knorr, Frank Spilker, Frank Werner

Wolf Edition 1: Vernissage 20. April um 18:00h

World Premiere of

The Nothing is Coming

 A 360° Virtual-Reality-Film by and with Josephine Decker
11 min, 2017
photo above by Mayra Wallraff

Vernissage Thursday 20th. April 2017, 18:00 hs.
Wolf Studio, Wildenbruchstrasse 6, 12045 Berlin
Exhibition dates and times: 21st. - 30th. April, 12:00 – 18:00 hs., except Sunday 23rd., 12:00 – 16:00 hs.
Admission free
Wolf Edition 1 – Future Cinema
„THE NOTHING IS COMING“ is the first production in the frame of the Wolf Edition #1. During the fruitful time of her residence at Wolf, the all-around artist Josephine Decker held a workshop, showed her films, as well as the films that have inspired her and shot in record time a Virtual-Reality film („The Nothing is coming“), which we will be exhibiting from April 20th on. The piece is the result of join work with choreographer Nicola Bullock.
A Wolf Production
Co-produced by INVR.SPACE GmbH
Supported by Senatskanzlei - Kultureller Angelegenheiten, Spartenübergeifende Förderung künstlerischer und kultureller Projekte
Director: Josephine Decker
Choreographer: Nicola Bullock
Cast: Nicola Bullock, Nina Berclaz, Mayra Wallraff, Matthew Levy, Roderick George, Agne Auzelyte, Amelia Emma Forrest, Jean-Daniel Berclaz, Reza Mirabi, Josephine Decker
Director of Photography: Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
Costume design: Nina Berclaz, Harriet Knowles
Sound: Jan Andres, Jens Hallmann
Production Managment: Julieta Zarankin, Abdul Twebti
Producer: Marcin Malaszczak
Co-Producer: Sönke Kirchhof
We’d like to thank everyone who took part in this project, before and behind the camera. A special thank goes to our co-producer INVR for their generous technical support and to the Senatskanzlei - Kultureller Angelegenheiten, Spartenübergeifende Förderung künstlerischer und kultureller Projekte for the funding of the Wolf Editionen.
 Soon at Wolf
From 27. April
The Dreamed Path by Angela Schanelec

4.-10. Mai
Film Polska

Maia Santos