Immersion – 1st exhibition at Wolf Studio


A 360° Virtual-Reality-Film by and with Josephine Decker

11 min, 2017

Vernissage Thursday 20th. April 2017, 18:00 hs.

Wolf Studio, Wildenbruchstrasse 6, 12045 Berlin

Exhibition dates and times: 21st. - 30th. April, 12:00 – 18:00 hs., except Sunday 23rd., 12:00 – 16:00 hs.

Admission free


The Nothing is coming,

its coming is drumming,

It’s strumming and humming


Inside of my tumming.

And if we ignore all this

Huffing and rushing,

We might not be ready

When nothing starts gushing!

Its icing is creaming,

My insides start screaming,

What nothing is streaming

Down south with such teeming!!??

If nothing is made of

Some somethings minusing,

Then what is minusing

Its mine mine; my NOTHING!

In „The Nothing is coming“ Josephine Decker deals with the question of what happens when children are exposed to images that could be understood as pornographic – according to a statistic, the average age is 7 years old -. This premature experience of sexuality breaks into the consciousness of a child and turns it into some kind of estrangement, which Josephine translates into surreal choreographic appearances, evoking a strong feeling of unease. The camera takes the perspective of the child and, supported by the immersive effect of Virtual-Reality, this point of view is overcome. The following combination of dance and music aims to appropriate the unknowable “Nothing” (“The Nothing is coming”), that stands here as a metaphor of sexual desire. The “Number 7 Song”, which humorously refers to the statistic’s results, with its naïve-educational lyrics, paraphrases the sexual act. In an ironic Muppet show style, the work attempts to de-traumatize the infantile view through an abstract translation of the sexual act into music, dance and poetry.

Wolf Edition 1 – Future Cinema

„THE NOTHING IS COMING“ is the first production in the frame of the Wolf Edition #1. During the fruitful time of her residence at Wolf, the all-around artist Josephine Decker held a workshop, showed her films, as well as the films that have inspired her and shot in record time a Virtual-Reality film („The Nothing is coming“), which we will be exhibiting from April 20th on. The piece is the result of join work with choreographer Nicola Bullock.


A Wolf Production

Co-produced by INVR.SPACE GmbH

Supported by Senatskanzlei - Kultureller Angelegenheiten, Spartenübergeifende Förderung künstlerischer und kultureller Projekte


Director: Josephine Decker

Choreographer: Nicola Bullock

Cast: Nicola Bullock, Nina Berclaz, Mayra Wallraff, Matthew Levy, Roderick George, Agne Auzelyte, Amelia Emma Forrest, Jean-Daniel Berclaz, Reza Mirabi, Josephine Decker

Director of Photography: Jorge Piquer Rodriguez

Costume design: Nina Berclaz, Harriet Knowles

Sound: Jan Andres, Jens Hallmann

Production Managment: Julieta Zarankin, Abdul Twebti

Producer: Marcin Malaszczak

Co-Producer: Sönke Kirchhof


We’d like to thank everyone who took part in this project, before and behind the camera. A special thank goes to our co-producer INVR for their generous technical support and to the Senatskanzlei - Kultureller Angelegenheiten, Spartenübergeifende Förderung künstlerischer und kultureller Projekte for the funding of the Wolf Editionen.










Maia Santos