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Spring has sprung here in Berlin, at least a little bit! And we're so delighted to have our special guest and director-in-residence Josephine Decker here. She's keeping busy shooting a virtual reality film which we will exhibit from 20th April in the Studio. You can meet her in person on 5th April when she will discuss her acting and work after a screening of fellow wolf & filmmaker Brigitta Wagner's ROSEHILL. 

From Thursday we're finally showing the hotly anticipated I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO by Raoul Peck and hope there will be plenty of interesting discussions in the bar after the screenings. This Thursday we are adding another new film, TANNA - a poetic love story from a small far away island of the same name. The complete programme is below. 

See you soon! 

Awooooooo :)

Weekly Programme: 

I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO OmU, 12h, 18:10h, 20:10h, 22:40h
TANNA OmU, 14:10h (except Sat 1.4), 18:20h, 20:30h (except Wednesday 5.4)
PATERSON OmU, 13:50h, 22:20h
NEO RAUCH OmenU, 12h, 16h
LITTLE MEN OmU, 16:20h

New at Wolf

Dir.: Raoul Peck. Based on a text by James Baldwin. Voice Overs: Samuel L Jackson, Samy Deluxe. USA 2016, 93 Min. English with German subtitles.

One of the best movies about the Civil Rights Era ever made. – ★★★★★, The Guardian

Dirs.: Martin Butler, Bentley Dean. With: Kapan Cook, Mungau Dain, Charlie Kahla. Vanuatu 2016. 100 Min.  Nauvhal with German subtitles.

In Tanna, the Yakel tribe give a rendition of their own true story which has the ring of Romeo And Juliet. 
It’s a beautiful odyssey with strong spiritual undertones. Screen International

Still showing at Wolf

NEO RAUCH by Nicola Graef - about the fascinating painter Neo Rauch. The filmmaker followed Rauch for three years in his studio in Leipzig and at exhibitions in America, Asia and Europe.
PATERSON Poems slip across the screen like water in “Paterson,” Jim Jarmusch’s wonderful new dispatch from Jarmusch-land. Manohla Dargis The NYTimes
LITTLE MEN is a little movie brimming with little truths about modern life.  Peter Debruge Variety

Special events

4. April, 20:00h Frau Wolf im Wolf: Reading of WALTER NOWAK BLEIBT LIEGEN. Berlin Premiere of the new novel by Julia Wolf. This event takes place at Wolf Studio.

5. April, OV 20:30h
ROSEHILL plus Q&A with filmmakers Brigitta Wagner & Josephine Decker
A New Yorker escapes to Southern Indiana to visit her old friend. The two women embark on a local road trip. Part road movie, part meditation, part improvised fiction, part documentary, Rosehill is a film about crisis and eternal change, the darkness and resilience of the human spirit. (Letterboxed)

Coming soon

from 6 April TIGER GIRL With its nervy, caffeinated camerawork; saturated palette of dayglo and neon, stylised violence and the good-girl-gone-bad trajectory, this feels like an adrenalised blend of Celine Sciamma’s Girlhood, Thelma And Louise and just a touch of Tank Girl. Screen International
from 13. April DAISIES (again!!) - after we saw TIGER GIRL we had to think of our much loved film DAISIES that we screened here a few years ago at the raw wolf. Both films enjoy and exploit the lust of rebellion with a great does of punk and pure fun. So what better excuse than to show DAISIES (again?), for a whole week?! Starts 13th April. Awwooo to Kris.
18.-26. Lola und der Wolf - a showcase of all German film award nominated films
23. April achtung berlin - the new berlin film award: a showcase of what's outside of the realms of the German academy, here's a glimpse. 


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