Wolf News and Cinema Week from October 19



Dearest Wolves,

While autumn is donning its most colourful costumes right now, our Wolf Edition Nr. 3: Colour in Film has startet! After our opening event last Friday with intriguing contributions by film scholars Friedrike Horstmann, Christine Noll Brinckmann and Sulgi Lie, we are continuing our investigation into the workings of colour with a focus on Hitchcock next Sunday. Sulgi Lie is presenting a lecture on The Phantasmagoria of Colour: Hitchcock’s Colourism and will connect the films with traditions of post-modern art. Come by for the lecture at 6.30 and/or the film afterwards: It's a legendary big-screen-treat NORTH BY NORTHWEST (English with German subtitles) at 8pm.

N THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY (AKHER  AYAM EL MADINA) continues in our daily programme in the company of another, very different Cairo film. Mohamed Diab's CLASH opened Cannes' Un Certain Regard section this year and is set almost entirely in a police truck during the riots following Morsi's ousting. Muslim Brotherhood, army supporters and people who don't want to belong to either faction are sharing the tiny space. "Mohamed Diab brings claustrophobic intimacy to a historic moment in this stunning thriller, set inside a police vehicle during Egypt’s 2013 street protests" - The Guardian

We much enjoyed last week's premiere of MUITO ROMÂNTICO & the filmmaker's performance "Fluxus and Refluxus" (s. cover image) and continue to show it exclusively at Wolf. 

The much-admired FÉLICITÉ and WESTERN  are both shown with English subtitles, so no excuses :) 

We're also looking forward to Nele Wohlatz' visit and her film THE FUTURE PERFECT this Wednesday 18th October: It's a smart and innovative look at the possible futures of a young Chinese immigrant to Buenos Aires, told in the stilted language of an elementary Spanish textbook (Spanish/Mandarin with English subtitles). Hosted by our dear and wonderful neighbour, filmmaker Dieu Hao Do!

This Saturday we get a visit from the team behind Fireflies Magazine. Its makers are coming to celebrate the launch of their fifth edition. Every edition is dedicated to two filmmakers, and with Angela Schanelec and Agnès Varda two of our favourite directors are presented in this edition! They are bringing with them the artists Sam Smith (from Australia), Puck Vonk (from the Netherlands) and Eli Cortiñas (from Spain) who will be performing pieces inspired by the works of Schanelec and Varda.

Next Wednesday we will be showing the complete first season of the queer web series MIXED MESSAGES by ex-London now-Berlin director Kanchi Wichmann (English/German with German subtitles)
One year single in the Berlin queer scene - how hard can it be? After breaking up with her polyamourous lover in a playground at night Ren embarks on an odyssey of dating confusion - will she ever learn to read the mixed messages of her various dates? Or is the only way forwards to join in and send out a few mixed messages of her own?

And if you haven't seen BLOOD SIMPLE and MOTHER yet, hurry! They are screening today for the last time.

On a different note, we've prolonged our lunch times! You can now get Machiko's delicious Japanese lunch menu until 4pm on weekdays (here's the menu)!


Your Wolves

Clash (OmU*): täglich 14:00, 18:20 Uhr
Muito Romântico (OmEU**): täglich 12:00, 22:30 Uhr
Félicité (OmU): täglich 13:20 Uhr / Do, Sa, Mo 20:00 Uhr / Fr, So, Di 22:15 Uhr
Western (OmEU): täglich 15:40 Uhr / Fr, So, Di 20:00 Uhr / Mi 22:00 Uhr / Do, Sa, Mo 22:20 Uhr
Blind & Hässlich (OmEU): täglich 12:00, 18:00 Uhr
In den letzten Tagen der Stadt (OmEU): täglich 16:00 Uhr
In den letzten Tagen der Stadt (OmU): täglich 20:15 Uhr
Der unsichtbare Dritte (OmU): So 20:00 Uhr
Baby Wolfgang präsentiert: The Future Perfect (OmEU): Di 10:30 Uhr
Kanchi Wichmann zu Gast: Mixed Messages (OmU): Mi 20:00 Uhr
Fireflies #5 Launch+Peformances (OV***): Sa 20:00 Uhr

*OmU = with German subtitles
** OmEU = with English subtitles
*** OV = Original version