Wolf News and Cinema Programme from September 7


Dearest Wolves,

Last week we launched a preview of Tamer El Said's IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY (Akher ayam el madina) together with Mobile Kino and the two screens of Neukölln's Griessmühle were completely packed! We are now looking forward to the film's official cinema release starting this Thursday. We are very excited about this big step, because Wolf was part of the production team and is releasing the film together with Arsenal - Institut f. Film- und Videokunst e.V. We believe in this film and want  you to watch it a million times over :)

Tomorrow, director Tamer El Said will come by to speak about his film together with Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, who is part of the selection committee of Berlinale's Forum section and co-director of the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art. The film starts at 7.30pm (with English subtitles), the discussion is in English.

We are showing IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY twice daily (with English subtitles) and on Tuesday we're showing it for all fresh parents out there in our Baby Wolfgang strand (on that occasion with German subtitles).

And we have another new film in our programme this week: Emin Alper's (director of BEYOND THE HILL) ABLUKA: It's a film that shows Turkey to be a country full of distrust, a psychothriller in a society that has fallen into chaos, a genre film and political allegory in equal measures. We're delighted to have this film in our programme, for Emin Alper has a unique, biting ability to create visual allegories that hit the nerve of our times. 

Good news for all of you who haven't seen ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS: due to popular demand we're showing the film for one more week in our late night slot with English subtitles. Spread the word, grab that vodka bottle, skip clubbing for one night and sink into our cinema seat - this is the place to contemplate on your senseless escapism.

If you haven't seen Thomas Arslan's HELLE NÄCHTE - Bright Nights yet (German with English subtitles) you should definitely do so today: we're showing the film at 4.15 and 10.10pm for the last time.  

Screening times for this week in the grey box above or, as always, at wolfberlin.org!

This week's delicious Japanese lunch menu by Machiko you can find here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in the cinema!

Your Wolves

Wolf News and Cinema Week August 31


Dearest Wolves,

So much to tell you this week!

The Wolf is howling especially loudly this week, because we have big news: IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY is released in German cinemas from 7th September and  is made by a fellow wolf - it also was partly developed in Wolf's venue! Some of our team co-produced, and a few years ago, before the cinema became a construction site and morphed into its current state, the music for the film was recorded between the rough walls and rugged floors. In our temporary screen (that used beer crates as seats) we had test screenings and discussed the film's future over beer and cigarettes well into the morning hours. And now it has screened at over 90 festivals and received 11 amazing awards! It still can't be shown in its home, Egypt, but we are so happy to at least be able to bring it to audiences in Germany! Wolf is doing the distribution of the film together with Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art and so, all through this summer, we have been working with the film in a completely new way. The poster was designed by Amr Hosny and was in part developed in a workshop that we had this summer on the subject of film distribution. In addition, we made flyers, stickers and post cards (you can get them at Wolf and in every cinema that plays the film), and you can find it on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Tomorrow the film will have an exclusive preview at Mobile Kino at Griessmuehle in the presence of the director (with English subtitles)! Then on Wednesday we are celebrating its official premiere for the cinema release here at Wolf and, from next week, we will be showing it as part of our regular programme; on the 7th and 8th, Tamer El Said will also be at Wolf and at Klick Kino to present his film.

In other news, we are screening the astonishing ANA, MON AMOUR (by Calin Peter Netzer "Child's Pose"). It observes a relationship over the years and is also starting at Wolf this week (Romanian with German subtitles): "...featuring terrific performances from leads Mircea Postelnicu and Diana Cavallioti, Ana, Mon Amour is a jump into the realm of intimate psychology" - Screen Daily

During filmPOLSKA we fell in love with the stunning, Warsawian ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS and decided to bring it back for seven mellow summer night screenings. It's an intoxicating journey through Warsaw's raves, parties, empty streets at dawn, full of vodka, cigarettes, kisses, end-of-an-era zeitgeist that is too poetic to describe here in simple words. Just use our screen as a vessel to join these infuriatingly young and beautiful time travellers. With English subtitles.

Also with English subtitles, and also in our late night slot, is Thomas Arslan's HELLE NÄCHTE (Bright Nights).. 

If you do speak German, come by on Friday for our radio play ODYSSEE MARE MONSTRUM, that we will play in our studio. It transfers Homer's text to the jungle of Calais, to the suburbs of Paris, to the sealed borders of Europe and to the endless vastness of Space. We're starting at 7.30, doors open 7.10.

We are saying farewell this week to the amazing 12-week-ride we had with SELF-CRTICITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG and to the tragedy-comedy-rollercoaster DIE HANNAS: If you haven't seen it, today is your last chance!

Screening times for this week in the grey box above or, as always, at wolfberlin.org!

This week's delicious Japanese lunch menu by Machiko you can find here.

Your Wolves

All these Sleepless Nights (OmEU): Do - Di 22:00 Uhr / Mi 22:20 Uhr
Ana, mon Amour (OmU): täglich 16:00, 19:45 Uhr
Baby Wolfgang: All These Sleepless Nights (OmEU): Di 10:30 Uhr
Dragon Inn (OmU): täglich 12:00 Uhr
Helle Nächte (OmEU): täglich 16:15, 22:10 Uhr
Kedi - Von Katzen und Menschen (OmU): täglich 14:15, 18:00 Uhr / Do - Di 20:15 Uhr
Kinopremiere: In den letzten Tagen der Stadt (OmEU): Mi 20:15 Uhr
Odyssee Mare Monstrum: Fr 19:10 Uhr
Parasol - Mallorca im Schatten (OmU): täglich 18:30 Uhr
Touch of Zen, A (OmU): täglich 13:00 Uhr


Ana, mon amour
"Nach seinem Berlinale-Triumph 'Mutter und Sohn' zeigt Calin Peter Netzer mit 'Ana, mon amour' das Mosaik einer leidenschaftlichen Beziehung, die von Eifersucht und Angstattacken zersetzt wird." – Der Spiegel

All These Sleepless Nights (OmeU)
"Was ist das? Ein Spielfilm? Ein überlanger Techno-Videoclip? Ein Generationenporträt? Die Geburt einer neuen Filmästhetik? Vermutlich alles gleichzeitig. Manche raunen sogar: die glaubwürdigste Darstellung einer jungen Generation seit Wajdas 'Unschuldigen Zauberern'."
– FilmPolska


Regie: Thomas Arslan, Deutschland 2017. Deutsch (mit ein klein bisschen Englisch) mit englischen Untertiteln.
"Ein stilles Drama mit eindrucksvollen Bildern, sparsamen Dialogen und wunderbaren Schauspielern... Georg Friedrichs Darstellung ist herausragend." (Tagesschau)

Regie: Ceyda Torun, Türkei 2016. Türkisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
"Remarkable. A splendidly graceful and quietly magical documentary."  (Variety)

Regie: King Hu, Taiwan 1971. Mandarin mit deutschen Untertiteln.
„Ein Abenteuerfilm in perfekter Inszenierung, der aufwendig ausgestatteten Historienfilm, fantastische Gespenstergeschichte, rasante Schwertkämpfe und Zen-Buddhismus zu einer reizvollen Einheit verbindet. Kameratechnisch teils virtuos, verdichtet der Film die trivialen Handlungsmuster auf einer metaphorischen Ebene zu einer Fabel über Sinn und Zweck von Gewalt.“ – Lexikon des internationalen Films

Regie: King Hu, Taiwan 1967, Mandarin mit deutschen Untertiteln.

Regie: Valéry Rosier. Französisch, Englisch, Spanisch mit deutschen Untertiteln.
Ein spannendes, vielversprechendes Spielfilmdebüt – Zitty


ab 7.9.:

In den letzten Tagen der Stadt
Zweifellos das Wichtigste, was das ägyptische, wenn nicht das arabische Kino seit sehr langer Zeit hervorgebracht hat. – Slate

Abluka – Jeder misstraut jedem
"Der Film des türkischen Regisseurs Emin Alper, dessen Titel (Der Wahn) auf die Paranoia in einem zunehmend autoritäreren System zielt, funktioniert als dichte Parabel und als Drama um zwei Brüder." – Neue Zürcher Zeitung

ab 14.9.:

Die Wunde (Inxeba)
"John Trengove’s debut feature explores masculinity and repressed sexuality through an outsider’s experience of a South African initiation ritual." – Hollywood Reporter

ab 21.9.:

Der Film feiert am 5. September während der Filmfestspiele Venedig Premiere, davor darf niemand mehr als den Trailer sehen: Wir sind also mindestens genauso gespannt auf Darren Aronofskys neues Werk wie ihr!

Blind & Hässlich
""Mit 'Blind & Hässlich' wählt Lass den Weg der Komödie, bei der die Hoffnung aufs Zusammenfinden der beiden genauso Motor der Geschichte ist wie die Sehnsucht nach ihrem Scheitern - weil das lustiger ist, und Kino auch Schmerzen verursachen soll." – Der Spiegel

New at Wolf & Weekly Programme August 24-30, 2017


Dear Wolfgang,

Last week, Julia C. Kaiser came by to visit and to present her film DIE HANNAS, and on Sunday, many, many cats roamed our screen. Because so many people couldn't get in we're repeating our CATStragavanza this Sunday at 8pm! We're showing all three cats & cats & cats short films that were commissioned by the London Short Film Festival again (& HUGE Thanks to the filmmakers & Philip Ilson) and of course KEDI as well. Tickets, as always, here: https://wolfberlin.org/de/tickets-zeiten/

New this week is Valéry Rosier's feature film debut PARASOL a sharp and funny look at the dreams and disasters of the off-season vacationers on Mallorca island (check this amazing trailer in the link!).

Wuxia classic DRAGON INN is joining A TOUCH OF ZEN this week! "A genre classic that has been often-imitated and directly remade twice, is to the martial arts genre what "Stagecoach" is to the Western..Hu evokes an entire world in his awe-inspiring wide-angle camerawork and graceful, still-unpredictable action scenes. Now modern viewers can enjoy "Dragon Inn" in a new 4K restoration that makes Hu's classic look appropriately majestic." – rogerebert.com

And Baby Wolfgang for all fresh parents out there is showing DIE HANNAS this week. As always, Tuesday at 10.30am.

If you haven't seen MY HAPPY FAMILY, THE ORNITHOLOGIST, PONYO or SPACE IS THE PLACE: hurry, today is your last chance!

This week's delicious Japanese lunch menu by Machiko you can find here.

Your wolves

New at Wolf & weekly programme from August 3

Dear Wolfgang,

An eventful week full of workshops and discussions lies behind us. We had guests from the UK and from the US  & here from Berlin, and spoke about possibilities, strategies and philosophies of distributing (independent) film. It was exciting to hear what's happening in the rest of the world, what challenges films are faced with in other countries simply to be seen in cinemas - but it was also inspiring to witness the sheer creative force that can be used to light up people's passion for film. Huge thanks go to the workshop participants and our dear guest speakers.

Because summer holidays have started – and don't we all want to go to the sea! – we're bringing a wonderful Studio Ghibli film by Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki to our screens: PONYO (the German version), the golden fish from the sea that wants to become a human girl. We're showing the film every day at 4pm.

Your last chance for AXOLOTL OVERKILL (with English subtitles!) is today at 6.15pm, so hurry up! 

And please highlight 14th of August in your calendar because director Thomas Arslan is coming to Wolf! We are so thrilled and are looking forward to speak with him about his latest film HELLE NÄCHTE (screened with English subtitles at Wolf) that was shown in Berlinale's Competition this year.
HELLE NÄCHTE is shown at Wolf from 10th August. 

Machiko's delicious weekly menu with Japanese lunch is here.

Your wolves

Baby Wolfgang präsentiert: Dark Blood (OmU): Di 10:30 Uhr
Dark Blood (OmU): täglich 12:00, 18:00 Uhr
Meine glückliche Familie (OmU): täglich 13:30, 20:00 Uhr
Der Ornithologe (OmU): täglich 17:45, 22:00 Uhr
Ponyo: Das große Abenteuer am Meer (D): täglich 16 Uhr
Das Sams (OV): Do - Mo, Mi 12:00 Uhr / täglich 15:45 Uhr
Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes (OmEU): Do - Mo, Mi 14:00 Uhr / täglich 19:45 Uhr
Space is the Place (OmU): täglich 22:15 Uhr



Ponyo - Das große Abenteuer am Meer
"In PONYO gelingt es dem bald 70-jährigen Filmkünstler Hayao Miyazaki, aus verschiedenen europäischen Märchen und Sagen, verwoben mit japanischer Mystik und Alltagskultur und ausgestaltet durch die für ihn charakteristische, zauberhafte Bildsprache, ein Kunstwerk zu schaffen, das von visueller Virtuosität, berückender Schönheit, ausgelassenem Humor und tiefer Menschlichkeit ist." - NZZ



Regie: George Sluizer, Vereinigtes Königreich, Niederlande, Vereinigte Staaten, 2017, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
"Dark Blood ist ein magischer, mit Herzblut konstruierter Film, der nach 20 Jahren Hin und Her endlich das Licht der Welt erblickt. River Phoenix in seiner letzten Rolle zu sehen ist ein e Genugtuung für alle Fans und Cineasten" (OutNow.ch)

Regie: Joao Pedro Rodrigues, Brasilien, Frankreich, Portugal, 2017, Portugiesisch/Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln.
"Ein Film, der nur so strotzt vor seltsamen Geheimnissen und komischen Offenbarungen"(Spiegel Online)

Regie: Nana & Simon, Deutschland, Frankreich, Georgien, 2017, Georgisch mit deutschen Untertiteln.
"...der Film [bewegt sich] mit einer großen Selbstverständlichkeit inmitten der vielen Protagonisten, von denen kein Einziger in die Nähe einer Karikatur kommt." (FAZ)

Regie: John Coney, USA 1974, 82 Minuten, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln.
„Eine sozialkritische Sci-Fi-Free-Jazz-Reise“ (Spex)

Regie: Julian Radlmaier. Mit Julian Radlmaier, Deragh Campbell, Beniamin Forthi. Deutschland 2017. 99 Min. Deutsch und Englisch mit englischen und deutschen Untertitlen.
"Ein sehr lustiger deutscher Film, der den Mut hat, sich nicht ernst zu nehmen und gleichzeitig utopisch zu sein, und von der Revolution zu erzählen. Eine politische Komödie." (SWR)

Regie: Ben Verbong. Mit: Aglaia Szyszkowitz Armin Rohde Christine Urspruch Eva Mattes Ulrich Noethen. Deutschland 2001, 102 Minuten.
"Ben Verbong ist es großartig gelungen, die anarchistisch liebenswerte Atmosphäre des Originals auf die große Leinwand zu bannen, um das Sams einer jungen Generation nahezubringen." – kino.de


HELLE NÄCHTE - ab 10.8.
Regie: Thomas Arslan, Deutschland, 2017, mit Georg Friedrich, Tristan Göbel, Marie Leuenberger, Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln
"Helle Nächte zeigt Thomas Arslan in großer Form: Ein neuerlicher Beweis für sein Gespür fürs präzise, intime Drama. Beide Hauptdarsteller glänzen mit ihrem extrem nuancierten Spiel."  Filmmaker Magazine
Am 14.8. wird Regisseur Thomas Arslan zu Gast im Wolf sein!

KEDI - ab 10.8.
Regie: Ceyda Torun, Türkei, 2016.
Kino aus Katzenperspektive: In wunderschönen, berührenden Bildern erhält der Zuschauer Einblicke in das Leben dieser gleichsam anmutigen wie rätselhaften Tiere und ihr außergewöhnliches Verhältnis zu den Menschen Istanbuls. In den USA gelang dem Dokumentarfilm innerhalb kürzester Zeit ein überraschender Box-Office-Erfolg. Pünktlich zum Weltkatzentag am 8. August wollen die samtpfotigen Streuner auch die Herzen der deutschen Kinozuschauer erobern.

DIE HANNAS - ab 10.8.
Regie: Julia C. Kaiser, Deutschland 2016
"Ein Paar auf Abwegen, aberwitzig komisch und tieftraurig. Ein eigenwilliger, überraschender und irrwitziger Liebesfilm." - BR

15.8.: Resisters: Queer Films and Fictions
A programme of queer experimental short films and fictions, premiering Selina Robertson's super-8 film ZEIT ZU ZWEIT (Couple Time) 2015, Isabel Waidner's novel GAUDY BAUBLE (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2017) and CAMPBELL X's latest film DES!RE (2017).

New at Wolf & Cinema Week July 27

Dear Wolfgang,

Last week, director of THE ORNITHOLOGIST (that you can still see every night at 8.20pm!) João Pedro Rodrigues came back to us to join us for a weekend of two of his films, O FANTASMA and LAST TIME I SAW MACAO. He brought his collaborator and co-director for MACAO, João Rui Guerra da Mata, along with him to speak about past and future projects in Macao.

This week we have even more guests coming! Gareth Evans arrived from London last night to open our Wolf Edition 2 Workshop (that's today and tomorrow) with an introduction, a screening and a lovely discussion round with workshop and audience members in our bar afterwards.
Producer Karen Chien has also arrived for her talk on alternative distribution strategies in North America and China this afternoon and we're looking forward to two days of enthusiastic and inspiring discussions about how we can distribute films that we are passionate.

Right on time for the summer holidays (and the rain season!) Das Sams is coming back to the screen! The anarchical creature will be rocking our cinema – and Herr Taschenbier's life – every day at 12 and 4.20pm.

And Baby Wolfgang on Tuesday will show the 1980's cult classic LA BOUM.

And one more piece of news at the end: we have improved our website a great deal! Check out wolfberlin.org, it is clearer, better structured and we hope that it makes your life easier. And most of all: we think this site can now grow and evolve with us. So here's a shout out to our Wonder Woman, troubleshooter and design queen Maia!

Screening times for this week in the grey box above or, as always, at wolfberlin.org!

The Wolf Pack

Wolf Edition 2 Workshop


Participation: Send us an email to rudel@wolfberlin.org and explain in a few sentences

why you would like to take part. The participation fee of the workshop is €50 including

films and lunch (2x) by Machiko’s Japanese kitchen at Wolf.

Programme Part 1:


Jul 15. Saturday / 4pm / Wolf Kinosaal 1

We will show IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY (with English subtitles) as a preview at

Wolf. Director Tamer El Said as well as the Wolf team will be present to introduce the

concept of the workshop.


The opening and main part of the workshop will be lead by Gareth Evans, see details

about this in the attachment!

 Jul 25 Tuesday / 7.30 pm / Wolf Kinosaal 1

FURTHER BEYOND by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy, Irland, 89 mins, 2016

Public screening and lecture about film curation presented by curator and producer

Gareth Evans (Whitechapel Gallery’s Adjunct Moving Image Curator, Co-curator of

Flipside Festival, Swedenborg Film Festival,Estuary 2018 and Whitstable Biennale).

"Irish co-directors Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy take their unique approach to cinema

to the next level with Further Beyond. An aptly titled work in every sense, this sui

generis piece is by turns an essay film in the tradition of Chris Marker (San Soleil) and

Patrick Keiller (London), a documentary, and a quirky drama about loss and exile.

There’s moving footage of Lawlor’s late mother whose life is sketched here, riffs on ideas

about photography and representation found in Susan Sontag and Walter Benjamin, and

a series of cinematic “notes” or tests towards a biopic about the 18th-century Irish

adventurer Ambrose O’Higgins (played by Jose Miguel Jimenez) that Lawlor and Molloy

may or may not have ever intended to produce for real. Exceedingly playful and

intellectually stimulating, Further Beyond is not for lightweights. But for those who care

about film-making that pushes against what’s possible – and fundable – in an age of

cautious, cookie-cutter comic-book franchises and safe-bet awards bait, this is essential


- Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

 Jul 26. Wednesday / 10am to 6pm / Wolf Studio

9.30pm: Arriving

10 to 12.30 pm and 1.30 to 3pm:

Gareth Evans presents his "Strategy for Distribution in an Altered Age: CARE“ and will

discuss with workshop participants why the established model of distribution doesn’t

work anymore for the majority of films. In the workshop, he will lay out why new way of

thinking about what the cultural production of cinema means, in a globalised, multiplatform

world, is urgently required.


Karin Chien of dGenerate Films presents alternative and new models of distribution in

China and North America.

 Jul 26 Wednesday / 7.30pm / Wolf Studio

Public film screening of PLAY ME SOMETHING by Timothy Neat, UK, 72 mins, 1989

"Novelist, poet, playwright, artist, critic and commentator, John Berger is something of a

Renaissance man. Here he adds a couple more strings to his bow, collaborating with

director Timothy Neat to bring one of his own short stories to the screen, and appearing

in the film as the mysterious storyteller: wandering across the sands in black suit and

hat, suggesting both an enigmatic man with no name drifted in from the Highlands and

Orson Welles avuncular MC in ‘F for Fake’. A story, he says, is like an open ticket, and so

it is, as a handful of men and women await the plane for Glasgow on the Hebridean isle

of Barra, which boasts Britain’s only tidal runway. Amongst them are visitors, a young

woman (Tilda Swinton) setting off for a job on the mainland, the locals who have charge

of the airport and in their midst, Berger. Jaunty, vibrant and expansive, he makes a

mesmerizing storyteller, and his tale, on the face of it a simple yarn of a peasant’s

weekend trip to Venice, becomes a complex exploration of people and places, factories

and farms, sex, politics, musicways of being. The film quite naturally takes on myriad

textures: colour and black/white, 35mm and blown-up 16mm footage, and, for the story

within the story, still photographs by the exemplary Jean Mohr. Berger and Neat have

discovered that there is a useful application for post modernism after all, the better to

tell a tale."

- Tom Charity, from Time Out

 Jul 27 Thursday / 10am to 4pm / Wolf Studio

10am to 1pm:

Recap and discussion with Verena von Stackelberg about cinema programming

distribution strategies and IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY.

2 to 4pm:

Jürgen Pohl (Salzgeber Film Distribution) gives insight into the world of film distribution.

 Aug 1 and 2 Tuesday & Wednesday / 11am to 3pm/ Wolf Studio

The workshop participants meet and draw up alternative PR strategies for IN THE LAST

DAYS OF THE CITY. They are also encouraged to organise events around the film

themselves. These can take place in August and September and extend to after the

release date of the film as well.






GARETH EVANS: CARE – A Strategy for Distribution in an Altered Age

When will we begin to learn from what is being born instead of what is dying?

– Murray Bookchin

It is widely known now that the long-established model of film distribution - a journey

from festival premiere, to national theatrical release, home entertainment release and

even television broadcast - is now over for the majority of works. Financially,

technologically, socially, politically: everything has changed. A new way of thinking

about what the cultural production of cinema means, in a globalised, multi-platform

world, is urgently required.

One possible way forward might appear at first glance to be a navigation back, to

sources: of creativity, purpose,community, finance and even language.

Curation derives from the Latin, curare, meaning 'to care'.

In this context, curation does not only mean the arrangement of finished works but the

attention given to the entire spectrum of production, from idea to audience, and beyond,

to the ripple effect of the work's presence in the world, at whatever scale.

The most important quality one can display in this new mode of engagement with the

challenges and successes of collective, creative making is attention...

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.

– Simone Weil

...Attention to all parts of the process outlined above.

In this day long workshop - bracketed by two evening film events, Gareth Evans will

work with participants on how these significant questions might be addressed to multiple

forms of filmic production, from short and artists' film, through documentary and hybrid

forms, to world and independent cinema. With screenings, discussion, exercises and by

example, the sessions will consider how one can best direct one's creative, emotional

and life energies towards the making of work that itself might make a difference.

To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing.

– Raymond Williams


Wolf news and weekly programme June 22

Dear Wolfgang,

We finally have proper benches in front of Wolf's windows, come by and test them! They're coming in handy for all our new lunch guests who are enjoying Machiko's wonderful Japanese dishes. Come by every weekday between 12 and 3pm (and find this week's menu here)!

Athina Rachel Tsangari was here for a film talk with Ulrich Köhler last night and our wolf den was bursting at the seams with what felt like half of Berlin's film making scene which made us very happy.
Julian Radlmaier was there as well for an impromptu film talk with film students and will be back tonight for a double bill of his EIN PROLETARISCHES WINTERMÄRCHEN and SELF-CRITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG.

And finally we are expecting a hotly anticipated visitor: novelist and filmmaker Helene Hegemann is going to present AXOLOTL OVERKILL on 27. June - a film that took Sundance by storm and a truly crazy, unexpected film adaptation that's not to be missed.

New this week for kids is the film HILFE, MEIN LEHRER IST EIN FROSCH (in the German version) and for everyone else there's LIFE, ANIMATED (English with German subtitles) and the Neukölln documentary ACT! WER BIN ICH (in German).

See you soon & Awooooo


Wolf Kinoprogramm 22.-28. June

  • ACT! - WER BIN ICH? (OV): daily 16:20 and (except Tue) 20:30h
  • LIFE, ANIMATED (OmU): Thu- Mon, Wed 14:20 Uhr / Tue 14:40h and daily 20:30h 
  • SELBSTKRITIK EINES BÜRGERLICHEN HUNDES (OmEU - English subtitles): daily 14:20h, Thu 18:00h, Fri - Wed18:20h,  Thu - Mon, Wed 22:20h / Tue 22:40
  • JAHRHUNDERTFRAUEN (OmU): Thu - Mon, Wed 12:00h / Tue 12:30 Uhr  and daily at 18:20h 
  • HOLY MOUNTAIN (OmEU): daily 22:30h
  • Helene Hegemann zu Gast im Wolf: AXOLOTL OVERKILL (OmEU): Tue 20:20h
  • Maike Plath Q&A: ACT! - WER BIN ICH? (OV): Thu 20:00h
  • Baby Wolfgang presents CHIHIROS REISE INS ZAUBERLAND  (Spirited Away) (German version): Tuesday 10:30h


Coming Soon: 

AXOLOTL OVERKILL by Helene Hegemann, impressive, provocative signature, from 29th June. 
DER TOD DES LUDWIG XIV. a visual feast and unforgettable portrait of the Sun King by the singular director Albert Serra from 29th June. On 2nd July we have the pleasure to welcome the director in person with thanks to Grandfilm!
MY HAPPY FAMILY by Nana Ekvtimishvili und Simon Groß - "...masterful presentations of family as an overwhelming experience." (RogerEbert.com) from 13th July. 
DER ORNITHOLOGE (O ORNITÓLOGO) by João Pedro Rodrigues, also from July 13. „Calling to mind the best of Luis Buñuel and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, The Ornithologist adopts a dream logic that never begs for decoding, a sensuous engagement with the world that asks only to be experienced.“ (Film Comment), "Mind-blowing in the best possible way" (IndieWire)

Wolf news & weekly programme 27.4.


Dearest Wolfgang, 

we're feeling a little dizzy after all the events that took place at Wolf this week - Lola & Achtung Berlin came along, we had pop music with Bernadette LaHengst and Caroline Kirberg, an improv workshop with Tom Lass, a Virtual Reality show that can still be caught in Wolf Studio till Sunday - don't miss this totally immersive visual experience. Before we carry on with Film Polska next week, we concentrate on the every so surprising masterful THE DREAMED PATH by Angela Schanelec. And we also finally show MOONLIGHT just like every other self-respecting cinema. And we keep faithful to our favourites, I AM NOT YOUR NEGO and TIGER GIRL. It's spring time. It's a bank holiday. Come, come enjoy some films with us :) 


your wolves


DER TRAUMHAFTE WEG/THE DREAMED PATH with English subtitles, 16:20h
I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO OmU, 14:00h, 18:30h (except Wed 3.5.), 20:30h (except Thur 27.4. and except Wed 3.5. ONLY WED 3.5. at 21:30h)
TIGER GIRL with English subtitles 14:20h, 16h, 18:20h (except 27.4.), 22:30h (except 3.5.)
MOONLIGHT OmU*, 12:10h, 22:20h 

LES SAUTEURS (THOSE WHO JUMP) OmEnU plus talk with director Moritz Siebert presented by mit Master Social Anthropology and Master Visual & Media Anthropology of the Freien Universität Berlin takes place in English WED 3.5. at18:30h


DIR: Angela Schanelec. Deutschland, 2016. 86 Minuten. FSK 12. Shown in various languages with German or English subtitles. 

DIR: Barry Jenkins. US, 2016. 111 Minuten. FSK 12. English with German subtitles

DIR: Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner, Abou Bakar Sidibé. Dänemark, 2016. 80 Minuten. French and Bambara with English subtitles


"What white people have to do is try to find out in their hearts why it was necessary for them to have a nigger in the first place. Because I am not a nigger. I'm a man. If I'm not the nigger here, and if you invented him, you the white people invented him, then you have to find out why. And the future of the country depends on that. Whether or not it is able to ask that question." (J. Baldwin) 

Ella Rumpf and Maria Dragus make a malicious pair of femme street fighters in Jakob Lass' screw-the-establishment youth pic - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

THE NOTHING IS COMING by Josephine Decker
A virtual reality film showing at Wolf Studio, Wildenbruchstrasse 6. Every day until 30th April from 12-6pm

Film Polska ab 4. Mai
The largest Polish film festival outside Poland 

Filmstill from All these Sleepless Nights

Filmstill from All these Sleepless Nights