Performance by Tomas Bächli - Listening to music astray

Performance by Tomas Bächli

Listening to music astray

02.07., 7:30 pm, Wolf Studio

The pianist Tomas Bächli sometimes experiences music where one wouldn’t expect it, and then he plays it on the piano: the music of splashes in public toilets, musical background noises in manipulative political videos, or illustrative notes on billboards. For Howling Wolf he creates an entertaining performance about the musically of our everyday life.

Tomas Bächli hails from Zurich and studied music at the Zurich Conservatory, where amongst others he studied piano by Werner Bärtschi. In the mid-'90s he moved to Brooklyn, NY, and became part of its independent scene with numerous concerts. To Berlin he moved in 1999. Since then, he has been taking on a wide range of interdisciplinary impulses from musicians, painters and actors and also realizes own ideas. With his mission to fill out the blind spots of Berlin's cultural landscape, Tomas Bächli focuses on works of recent music history with his concerts - without, however, completely specializing in them. Tomas Bächli wants to combine the aspects of a pianist's life - practicing, performing, teaching and thinking about music - as much as possible. In his undertaking to do justice to both the music and the audience, he constantly experiments with new forms of performance.