Kaleidoskop vs D'Est

Kaleidoskop vs D‘Est

(From the East)

Rehearsal session: 21.6., 6 pm, Guttempler
Performance: 23.6., 8 pm, Admission: 7:30 pm, Guttempler

D‘est, by Chantal Akermann, B 1993, 107 min

With its multiple innovative forms of music, the Kaleidoskop soloists’ ensemble is esteemed across the music scene - it plays in the Philharmonie as well as at Berghain. With a repertoire ranging from early Baroque to contemporary music, Kaleidoskop is always on the lookout for new forms of performance – and again and again thereby the ensembles’ musicians themselves become performers. Based on Chantal Akerman's D'Est (From the East), a film that defies any categorization, Kaleidoskop will develop its musical production for Howling Wolf.

The artists
Kaleidoskop was founded in 2006 in Berlin and has steadily changed over the years. It creates new, surprising types of staging, it draws inspiration by its numerous collaborations with artists from other genres and it always designs its own musical concepts. Kaleidoskop works closely with the Radialsystem in Berlin and is an appreciated guest at renowned national and international festivals. The ensemble plays at various houses such as the Concertgebouw Bruges, Harpa in Reykjavík or Kampnagel Hamburg. In the course of his artistic engagement, the soloists’ ensemble has collaborated with artists such as Sasha Waltz, Sabrina Hölzer, Jennifer Walshe, Georg Nussbaumer, Laurent Chétouane, Sebastian Claren and the band Mouse on Mars. http://www.kaleidoskopmusik.de/

The pictures of the film resist any simple comparison. There are no comments, no text panels, no talking heads, nor are the pictures based on the tradition of direct cinema or similar trends. D’Est is about streets, crowds, individuals, turmoil and silence ... To describe the film as an experience perhaps comes closest to its essence. A moving monument that burns itself into one’s memory and does not let go, so you always want to come back to it. D'Est is a film that at the same time extremely condenses and expands space and time. It is a unique film that defies categorization. http://www.jugendohnefilm.com/tag/dest/