FM Einheit vs Chelovek S Kinoapparatom

FM Einheit vs Chelovek s kinoapparatom

(Man with a Movie Camera)

Rehearsal session: 8.6., 6 pm, Guttempler
Performance: 10.6, 8 pm, entrance: 7.30 pm, Guttempler
Followed by a conversation with FM Einheit and Siegfried Zielinski

Man with a Movie Camera, by Dziga Wertow, UdSSR 1929, 68 Min

FM Einheit is one of the most internationally renowned German musicians. Known in the 1980s as part of the notorious band Einstürzende Neubauten, FM Einheit has been experimenting for many years with a wide range of industrial and everyday equipment, transforming it into instruments with astounding effects. In counterplay with the film Chelovek s kinoapparatom (Man with a Movie Camera), FM Einheit will develop an immersive performance at Howling Wolf. The film by Dziga Vertov is regarded as a trailblazing experiment and is one of the most amazing cinematic documents of its time.

The artist FM Einheit, alias Mufti started in 1980 as a percussionist of the Hamburg punk band Abwärts with which he played together until they dissipated in 1983 and again for each of their various reunions. Initially, he also worked temporarily at Palais Schaumburg and started parallel at Einstürzende Neubauten, of which he stayed part for many years. The band coined the punk-post-industrial music and Mufti significantly shaped the sound of the band. FM Einheit is an eminant authority of German experimental sound art. He also works as a composer for theater, film and radio plays, for which he has received several awards. He composed for and with Heiner Müller, Peter Zadek and Andreas Ammer.

The film Man with a Movie Camera is a cinematic manifesto whose avantgardistic boldness continues to serve cinema as an art form. In The Man with a Movie Camera Dziga Vertov documents the daily routine of a large Soviet city, assembled from Moscow, Kiev and Odessa. According to Vertov's convictions, films should generally and invariably show "life as it is"; every kind of staging for him was falsification and underestimation of the audience.