Workshop with Jochen Jezussek - Creative sound design

Workshop mit Jochen Jezussek
Creative sound design

22nd and 23rd June, 10am to 5pm, Wolf Studio
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Why does it sound like that? The sound of audiovisual media is not coincidental, but the result of a conscious work process, the sound design. Especially sound often affects us subtle and subconscious. How is it possible to produce this effect? In a two-day workshop, after a conceptual and historical introduction, we will first deal with the technical requirements and tools of sound design. In doing so, we will focus on the Pro Tools program. Based on examples from Jochen Jezussek's professional practice, different approaches to sound design will be explained. On the second day we will find out concretely, by exact analysis of example sequences, which decisions have been made and which technical and artistic means have been used to produce a very specific sound.

Jochen Jezussek has been working as an independent sound designer for 20 years and is active in the fields of film, art and theater. In his studio, he works on feature films and documentaries, as well as on radio plays and video installations. Among others, he has developed the sound design for the play Abgrund by Thomas Ostermaier and the films Bright Nights by Thomas Arslan, Streetscapes Series 1-4 by Heinz Emigholz or The Long Summer of Theory by Irene von Alberti and many more.