Lecture by Marcus Steinweg - Musical Thinking

Lecture by Marcus Steinweg

Musical Thinking

08.07., 7:30 pm, Wolf Studio

What exactly does music address in us? Marcus Steinweg, one of today’s most renowned German philosophers, talks at Howling Wolf about the effect of music: "What the sentiment-kitsch does not want to know: music does not touch the soul, it touches on its absence. Perhaps it can be said that the only object of music is non-objectivity, that what Schopenhauer calls the blind will, and what is Nietzsche’s Dionysian becoming, the emptiness at the heart of our semantic architectures, which we hastily call our reality."

Marcus Steinweg, the professor of art and theory studied philosophy in the 1990s, but then quit university to "think for himself" instead of reproducing recognized knowledge. His debut, the book "Frakturen", which was shown as a piece of art in the Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld in 1994, paved Steinwegs way into the art world. He finally studied art himself and collaborated with the artists Thomas Hirschhorn and Rosemarie Trockel. With a thesis on on "subject and truth" he earned his PhD at the HFBK Hamburg December 2017. Marcus Steinweg is the author of more than 15 books and, together with Wilfried Dickhoff, he publishes the magazine "Inaesthetics" at Merve Verlag in Berlin, which addresses topics that are set at the intersection of art and philosophy.