Conversation between Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski and FM Einheit The Sound of the City

Conversation between Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski and FM Einheit

The Sound of the City

10.06., following FM Einheit's performance on Dziga Vertov's "Man with a Movie Camera", Guttempler

Man with a Movie Camera is a silent movie, nobody speaks loudly here. But the movie not only explores the images of the city. It listens to its very own sounds. Before picking up a camera, Dziga Vertov captured with a microphone the acoustic sensations he encountered. Then he assembled the recorded sounds on vinyl. The sound researcher, musician and composer FM Einheit lets the symphony of the synthetic city, which Dziga Vertov installed in his film out of pieces from Kiev, Moscow and Odessa, sound to his unprecedented music. Following his performance he talks to the media archaeologist Siegfried Zielinski about the used sounds and images.

"... our way - from the tumbling citizen over the poetry of machines to the perfect electrical person." Quote from WIR, the manifesto of Kinoki (Vertov)

Siegfried Zielinski is the founding rector of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Previously, he worked as a professor of media theory at the Berlin University of the Arts and as director of the Vilém Flusser Archive. He is amongst others member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, the Academy of Arts Berlin, the Magic Lantern Society of Great Britain and works as well nationally as internationally in other university fields and is part of boards of trustees. Zielinski studied theater studies, recent German philology, linguistics, sociology, philosophy and political science in Marburg, as well as at the Freie Universität (FU) Berlin and the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin. He also did his doctorate at the TU Berlin and habilitated there later, too. In the 1980s, he worked as a freelance author, before he developed the first degree program in media science and media consulting at the TU Berlin together with Friedrich Knilli. In the same year Zielinski was first appointed Professor of Audiovisual Arts at the University of Salzburg, then in 1993 Professor of Communication and Media Studies at the newly founded Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In 1994 he was appointed its founding rector, and in 1999 he was elected as its first rector. He has significantly developed the profile of this new type of art school that not only integrates old and new media and many different artistic practices (including photography, performance, film, video, music, holography), but also sciences such as computer science, art theory, gender and media theory. In 2000 he resigned as rector, to be able to devote himself more intensly to research again. Zielinski is the author of numerous books and essays, which mainly focus on the history and theory of the media.